ttc can anyone explain the signs!??


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    as far as i know your body always produces cm but during ovulation it changes and gets clear and sticky like egg white. this is normally around the middle of your cycle, ie 14 days before your period is due. im not sure how long you produce this type of cm so its usually a good idea just to have regular sex, ie every other day, throughout your cylce, especially from about cd 10 (fyi i conceived on cd 11, i know cause hubby went away on business after that and we didnt think wed conceived). other signs of ov can be cramping or boob tenderness but im not sure how many women get this. also temperature charting works for some. we didnt do any of these things though and got lucky.

    there are some early pg tests but i think its most accurate when your period is due, so 2 weeks after ovulation. i personally think the best thing to do when you start ttc is to relax and not worry too much about. just enjoy the sex and see what happens. good luck!
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    Hi I would google the wheel of mucus, it details clearly what you should be looking for, this starts just before OV and through that time so once it appears BD every 2-3 days.

    You need to wait til 14 days post OV to test, though to be honest I would wait until actually late. I tested on due date and got BFN, then when late got BFP
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    Ok thats girls, dont want nto obsess with OV sticks so want to try and read my body, will only test if late as you say!!x
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