i cannot decide on a pram!

I love the bugaboo but its just far too much money, our budget all in is more like £600 but we cant seem to find one thats reliable. Has any one got any recommendations, we are looking for a 4 wheeler and one that fits the maxi cosi car seat.

Its a hard decision to make when your not made of money xx


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    look at justkidding.co.uk website - I got my bugaboo there really cheap.
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    I have the mamas and papas sport 03. It has a car seat that is meant to last until the baby is 25lb (I've just moved my 24lb 9 month old into another car seat) and it clips on to the pram so baby faces you when it's young, plus it saves trying to lift a sleeping baby out of a car seat and into a pram. It's 3-wheeler pram, adjustable height handle and is meant to last from birth to 3 years. With the car seat it came in just under £300.

    I live in a rural area so a stroller wouldn't work for me on farm tracks, the suspension is great on this one.
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    The pram was my biggest expense and am glad I got what I really wanted as it is the one thing you will use everyday and need to be really happy with it. I got the bugaboo bee - also worth considering the year before model as they tend to be cheaper and often not much difference. Hold out for the sale as you are not going to need the pram straight away.

    I considered silver cross but was way too big and heavy for me to be lifting around, then considered maxi cosi lola but stuck with the bugaboo bee. Oyster is supposed to be the cheaper version of bugaboo.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hiya, I know exactly what you mean. I spent a fortune on my Quinny Buzz, and several strollers years ago and they are not worth the money. Have you thought about getting a secondhand one and getting a new car seat? Ones that are barely used come up on Ebay and Gumtree quite a lot. Also, NCT have "nearly new" sales on all over the country. I'm going to one at my old school tomorrow to check out what it's all about as I'm planning to sell a lot of my stuff in the next few months. I want to sell my Buzz and buy the Xtra seat unit for my Zapp because it's so much nippier. The NCT website should have info on what's going on around where you live. Hope you find something! xx
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    You should try eBay for second hand. A friend of mine had her heart set on the stokke pram, but at over £1000 with all the extras, it was way out of her budget. She ended up getting the exact one she wanted with all the extra bits and pieces for about £350 2nd hand off eBay. All the fabric bits are removable and machine washable, so she just made sure she gave everything a good wash before baby arrived.
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    We've gone for the M&Ps Glide package, which is basically the Sola pushchair but with a carrycot, footmuff, parasol and changing bag all in for £350 (it was on offer). It fits the maxi cosi (lent by my bro image) and is a four wheeler. It has fab reviews and fits in our car - a peugoet 308. The Glide only comes in red and black but the Sola has loads of different colours (and you could just buy a different footmuff for the Glide to jazz it up).

    Our friends have got the Sola, as have my bro and SIL and they all rate it image

    PS. I'm not on commission, honest! image
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    Oh i actually found choosing a pram - like choosing a wedding dress!! i ordered 2 prams during my pregnancy....kept changing my mind and then decided on a M&P Skate 2 weeks before the baby was due!! My daughter is 2 now - and it was fnatastic! x
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    I think you need to consider some factors as well;

    where do you live? are there a lot of steps to your house/flat?

    are you town or rural? a smaller buggy is easier for nipping around the shops in.

    do you have a car or getting the bus? even my bulky pram can fit on a bus (I'm very proud of my turning circle, and despite it's size I can turn it almost on the spot to get out of a small space), will it fit in your car boot?

    how long will you need it? One of the plus points for me was that it will last until he's 3.

    can it change from rear facing to forward facing for when baby is a bit older?

    what's the storage like? (under pram tray/basket, pockets etc)

    can a baby bag be easily attached? will it tip the buggy? (I have the radley baby bag (A gift, I certainly wouldn't have paid for that myself!) and it clips over the handle so I don't have to carry it).

    is the raincover easy to carry and attch in a sudden downpour?

    is it comfortable?

    can you carry it easily?

    can it be unfolded easily?

    how much space will it take up at home? where will you keep it?

    for me, the pram had to be comfortable for baby, comfortable for me (we're both tall, some prams don't have adjustable handles and we were almost bent double when trying them out!), able to cope with farm tracks and footpaths, unisex so I could use it again if we have a girl next time, robust against the wild Welsh winter weather, but still easy to get around shops and up steps. Mine even comes with it's own tyre pump image
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    I have got the Graco Symbio and absolutely love it! Somebody actually stopped me the other day to ask me what make it was as they wanted to go and check it out. I know one of the other ladies on here really rates it too.

    I think it's on offer at the moment in Toys R Us for the whole package.

    The handle flips at a press of a button so you can have the baby either facing you or facing outwards and it is really easy to fold up. It fits comfortably in my Astra and is light and nippy and easy to manouver. As you have seen from this thread though it is really all about personal taste so you have to try them out!

    My sister has the Bugaboo Chameleon and loves it but I find it really difficult to steer and a bugger to fold up and down!
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    Me! Me! I'm the other symbio fan!

    I've not seen anyone else with one since we bought ours but lots of my mummy friends have said how they wished they'd got one! It's so light and easy to push! Noah only fitted into the carrycot until he was 3 months but now loves the pushchair attachment and sleeps really well in it reclined.

    The only thing that's not ideal is the small basket underneath but I got some happy mummy buggy clips to carry my bags and use the basket underneath to store a blanket and the rain cover instead!

    If I had to pick again I'd pick it! And we got the whole package including car seat (which you can use up to 1), rain covers for all attachments, foot muff, bag, chassis, car seat adaptors and carrycot for £500.
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    I agree with Steampunkbride you really have to decide how you are going to use your pram, and what are the most important features as well as taking the cost into account! We also struggled with the handle height on some of the cheaper models as we are both quite tall, but we also found the Bugaboo wuite low as well.

    We went with the M&P Sola in the end having spent ages trying to decide. We even signed up to £1 trial of Which Magazine for a month to read reviews etc!

    I woiuld say that if you have your heart set on something, maybe see if you can get it cheaper or see if you can save money in other areas or even ask people you know will buy gifts if they would mind contributing!

  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    We decided on the Sola from Mamas and Papas having read Which reviews and testing out, got the chasis, seat, primo viaggio car seat, footmuff and adaptors all in for less than £300 from the M+P outlet store in Stoke, brand new. I have read reviews elsewhere from mums who say the maxi-cosi seat fits the sola chasis but I'm not 100% sure.

    Go to a few places and try out the prams/travel systems for yourself, only you can decide what is comfortable for both yourself and baby. And don't forget to see if it fits in your boot before buying it.
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    I can confirm that the maxi cosi car seat does fit the Sola chasis you just need to buy adaptors - they are about £25!

  • We bought the icandy peach as it can be turned into a double if need be. Baby is 7 mths and we are ttc again so it saves us having to sell/ buy a new pushchair if and when no2 comes along x
  • howards21howards21 Posts: 286
    hi guys

    I made my decision and bit the bullet and bought the M & P Sola in denim, i love it and we got an amazing price

    Thanks for all your advice and help

  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    Fab choice haha-I'm slightly biased but hubby and I both love our Sola denim. x
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    We bought the Graco Metrosport travel system for our daughter and it has done us more than proud over the last 14 months, despite this being probably the cheapest travel system on the market when we bought it.

    However we are now expecting our second baby & our daughter will be 18 months when he's born so we needed a double. After much research (and ruling out side-by-side & tandem models) we have bought a Phil & Teds Sport, which can convert from a single, to toddler & newborn & 2 toddlers, so we figure it's going to do everything we need it to!

    My main considerations were:

    I don't drive so rely on public transport - I needed to be able to get it on & off buses.

    I also do a lot of walking so I needed something which is easy to push & will cope with the miles I'll be doing.

    We live in a mid terrace & the only way to get a pushchair out is through the back, which has a small alley way, so I needed something not much wider than a single.

    We got a really good deal with an ex display model we bought locally (pushchair, doubles kit, cocoon & double rain cover) for 345 but we're so pleased with it!

    In hindsight if we'd known we were going to have another baby so soon we would've bought a Phil & Teds in the first place!
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    For anyone still looking mothercare's mychoice 3 or 4 fit the maxicosi car seat. It's bulkier than some, but it's what we chose and we're happy with it x
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