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Irregular cycles - advice please!

Just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation. I came off the pill end of August/beginning of September. I only started charting AF in November but since then my cyles have been 83 days, 36 days & I'm currently on day 90 of this cycle. Is anyone else experiencing cycles this long? It's driving me crazy! Would you go to the doctors? xx


  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    My cycles have been irregular too. I would suggest going to the GP bu they may say that it takes a while for your cycles to get back to normal. your have been off the pill for 9 months now so I think it is ok to go for the appoitment. Tell them you have been trying for almost a year and are worried

    I had all the tests done and all came back as nornal and am now going to start Clomid on my next cycle to make me ovulate at the required time.

    good luck.

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Hi I would go to the Dr now to be honest as 9 months is plenty of time for cycles to start sorting themselves. They say it can take up to a year to conceive but that is based on you ovulating each month I think?
  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride
    Yes, i'd definately go to the doctors... it won't do you any harm.
  • sparkle640sparkle640 Posts: 206
    Went to the doctors today but they weren't much help! Basically she said there was no explanation for having long cycles. She gave me a pregnancy test to make sure the reason wasn't that I was pregnant (got a BFN which I was expecting cos I have no symptoms). Basically she said I have to wait until we've been trying for a year before they'll do anything which is frustrating because if I'm not ovulating then what's the point?! Aaarghh! xx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    Sorry to hear that. well look at it positively - only 3 more months to wait and see see GP again who will do some tests.

    You were obviously honest about how long you had been trying, then?... I know if can be so frustrating!!

  • sparkle640sparkle640 Posts: 206
    I went to the doctors when I was coming off the pill last August so I can't say I started earlier than that. Hubby was at the doctors today (not about TTC) but he asked his doctor & she said to go in & be tested to see if I'm ovulating. How do they do that? x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    go see Hubby's doctor!! good luck!
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    to test if you're ovulating you will have 2 blood tests (usually) on your approximate day 14 of your cycle. That will measure the level of a hormone in your blood to tell them if you are ovulating. Because you're not regular it might mean a few extra blood tests to get the date right but to start with it's nothing too invasive. image

    I have always been irregular and due to other issues was told it was going to be difficult to have a baby or at least to plan one but i have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. Don't worry it can be done!
  • sparkle640sparkle640 Posts: 206
    Thanks Abi, good to know! Currently on day 96 of my cycle so might have to wait a bit for blood tests! x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    Mrs Hedley,

    now that I got BFP also with very irrgular cycles, my advise is do not worry too much. Even if they are irregular, you do ovualate. I suggest bying the ov sticks, whihc is waht I did. I ovulated on day 27 this month month, which is the month I got BPF! I had an ickling of ov being of CM but it got confirmed by the sticks. We then BD twice on one day and used pre-seed....I also was quite relaxed as I knew that if it did not work, I had Clomid to start to take on my next cycle... as I was convinced taht it would work with Clomid. We conceived naturally!

    I am now just hoping it all goes well. so good luck to you.

  • sparkle640sparkle640 Posts: 206
    Congrats Mubee! Think I'mj just going to try & relax about it all (I know, easier said than done!) then go back to the docs in August after a 'year' of trying x
  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    After stopping my pill, it took almost two years for my cycles to get anywhere near regular. They have settled a bit now but are still irregular (32, 40, 36 days etc).

    Like Mubee, I know I am ovulating as I am using the sticks. There have been lots of ladies on here who have still conceived despite being irregular so you needn't worry!

    Good luck!
  • mel2304mel2304 Posts: 33
    Hi ladies, I can totally empathise wiht the frustration i came off the pill last august just before we got married and have been ttc ever since. I have have been a bit irregular between 27 and 29 days cyccle every month then this month I was totally convinced I was pregnant but Af came today (day 35) i was totally gutted image i will go to docs in August if havent been successful. xxx
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