BABY SHOWER.. Thoughts & Idea's.!!

Hi, my best friend is almost 7 months pregnant & i'm thinking of having a baby shower for her. I'm just wondering if any of you have ever had one yourself or been invited to a baby shower. I know it's an american thing but what are your thoughts?

I'm thinking of getting a few of our friends & her mum/sisters round to my house one afternoon for a little get together. My idea is to have a garden party/afternoon tea... with Pimms, sandwiches & scones etc.. (I don't want it be a boozy party when she's not drinking) I haven't mentioned anything to her about it, I thought it would be a nice surprise.


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    Hi I haven't been to one but think it is a lovely idea, you could incorporate with some pampering, foot spas that kind of thing.

    I would get some schloer, or non alcoholic fizz for her.
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    I have been involved with a few baby showers.

    I will load a couple of pics 2 secs x
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  • AmberlinnieAmberlinnie Posts: 508

    Nappies filled with different smells, teams of 2 - one of you is blind folded one helps you smell. (Mustard, Jam, mint etc..)

    Who can down a bottle fastest (this was booze but squash would work)

    We had a book to sign and leave messages. We guessed baby name and weight.


    Stuff like that image x
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    I went to one where they had bought a load of cheap white baby gro's and fabric pens and we all drew on them and 'designed' our own look for baby! It was fun and the mother to be chose the winner.
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    I think they are are a lovely idea, a chance for you to get together with all your girles before baby comes along.

    Good excuse for pressies and games too!!!image
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    I want a baby shower!
  • I threw one for my best friend and she loved it.

    We orded lots of cakes and pastries in from M&S and also got lots of different teas in.

    Played a few games...

    Baby word bingo.

    Guess the date baby arrives.

    Use a piece of string to guess how big her bump is (only good if she wont be offended if someone guesses too big!)

    We made it a 1pm thing so people ate and drank and then we played games. Finished up with present opening. Lasted about 4 hours in total.

    Just a nice way to get everyone together
  • I've been to a few (live in Australia now but am from the UK, and they are normal here). I went to one a few weeks ago, which included pressies for mummy - to be, nibbles and drinks, and everyone did each others nails, one of the girls gave massages because she's a masseuse (or however that's spelt!). It was just a good girly catch up where the mama to be got pampered. I love the idea of an afternoon tea type thing, where you can have cupcakes etc and just make a fuss of your friend. Good luck, I'm sure she'll love it and feel really loved x
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    I went to one last weekend, wasn't suite sure what to expect but it was really fun.

    We played games such as..

    Who knows mum best...a quiz about mum to be.

    Guess the baby...told everyone to bring a baby picture, stuck them up on the wall numbered and put name badges on everyone and asked people to write who they thought each was.

    Cut the ribbon...everyone had to cut a length of ribbon and once done put it round mums bump and the nearest won.

    Guess the baby food...loads of different flavours of baby food you had to taste and guess what it was.

    Presents were given and the mum to be got to show off her newly decorated nursery.

    There was loads of buffet type food and drink. The place was decrorated lovely with loads of banners and balloons.

    I was a bit sceptical but it tunred out to be such a laugh so I'd say go for it to anyone considering having one.

    Oh also there were loads of lovely prizes for the winners of the game, just wee small things.
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    We are throwing one for my boss and we're doing a fabric painting competition on plain white baby gros and body suits! Going to have bunting (homemade) and lots of mismatched plates and cake stands
  • My friend went to one where they put different melted chocolate bars into nappies and you had to eat it and guess what type it was. Apparently it looked totally gross but was super fun!
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    Thanks so much for all your replies & suggestions! Some great idea's!! I love them all. I've ordered some 'baby shower' banners & balloons & a 'mummy to be' sash for her & we'll play a few games..

    Guess the date & weight of the baby?

    Whos Who? Everyone brings a baby photo of themselves

    Guess how many jelly babies in a babies bottle?

    Waters have broken.. (tiny plastic babies in an ice cube-in your drink) when your ice melts you have to shout 'my waters have broken!! First one wins a prize!!

    and i'm sure we'll end up playing the melted chocolate in a nappy. That sounds hillarious maplewindsorrose! I can just picture it now!!
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    You can also buy baby shower scratch card games and I saw this whilst helping a friend plan a baby shower -

    Nipple bobbing game - Place the nipples from the milk bottle in a bucket of water and get each guest to put there hands behind their back and pull out the nipples with their mouths. The person with the most nipples win within a time period.

    There are also some wonderful baby shower favours out there and you can also get baby shower Pi????atas image xx
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    we had a baby shower for my friend last May, was brilliant...did it at her house in the evening anf had a take away did the guess the 'poo' in the nappy, also had some jars of babyfood which we covered up what they were and everyone had to guess what it was, we also did how big is mum to be in squares of toilet paper which was good fun! my friend who organised it also made a 'cake' out of essential baby products, like bottles, baby gros, bibs, bathing products and then we all just chipped in towards that rather than all buying individual presents and having the possibility of 2 people getting her the same thing! something like this....

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