Had a baby :)

Finally. Two days late. Few days ago. Girl. Perfect. image

Don't do personal details on here, but she is awesome. And I moaned so much about my fatness and aches and gripes, so thought I'd slip on here and say. Thanks for putting up with me. SO...tips please. What advice was the best you had in the early days? Thanks in advance x


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    Congrats!!! image
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    Big congrats to you
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    Congratulations. image Can't give any tips as I haven't taken this step yet! But it's nice to see some good news on the forum. xx
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    Aww congratulations to you both xx. Best tips - don't try to be perfect parents, sometimes babies will cry and there is nothing you can do about it, don't feel guilty!, let people do stuff for you, get sleep when you can, treasure the early days - they go so quickly, don't pay any attention to the health visitors when they say "she should be doing this by now!" Hope this helps xx
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    What lovely news! Congrats. I'll be back asking for your tips in a few months time!
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    Massive congratlations! thought you had been a bit quiet on here for a whileimage
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    Congratulations! Now for the fun part! image

    So.... Tips......

    Firstly find a health professional you get on with and whose opinion you trust, whether it be GP or health visitor.... You won't get on with them all and the ones who don't see things a similar way to you will drive you potty!

    The first few weeks are hard.. It's ok to cry- I did every day.... Everyone is telling you what a beautiful baby you have but lack of sleep and sudden overwhelming responsibility do make it hard... It will get easier!

    Finally... You are your babies mummy,,, and usually you will know what's best for you both... We get lots of advice which is hard to go against but sometimes what's best for baby is actually what's best for mummy- not what all the research says!

    My little boy is 4 1/2 months now and he's the centre of my world... I'm sure there are people who disagree with things we do but he's a happy and contented and healthy boy and that's what matters!

  • Congratulations x
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    Hi CBW! Many congratulations, that is fantastic news and I'm glad all went well. No tips I'm afraid as I'm not a Mum myself, except maybe try and surround yourself with a wide network of friends and family who can provide practical and moral support when needed.

    Many congrats again image

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    Congratulations, that's brilliant news! Enjoy it all! x
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    Congratulations to you!

    Tips, take each day as it comes, take any offers of help (especially sticking the washing on etc) get rest while you can, and take loads of pictures!
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    Wow - congratulations!

    Tips - dont feel bad for saying "no" to visitors if you dont feel like it. These first few weeks are so special and i wish id just spent more time with OH and my new baby in our lovely little bubble.

    2 - The house will get messy, some days you may not even get dressed - its normal, just enjoy it and dont try to do too much.

    3 - take lots and lots of photos, they change so quickly

    Once again, congratulations image xx
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    Oh and one more - listen to everyones opinion on how you should do things, smile politely and then ignore it! Nobody was given a rule book when they gave birth, but you are her mum, you know best. End of discussion.

    So many people were giving me advice, and none of it helped, it just left me confused as to what I should or shouldnt be doing, and at a very vunerable emotional time, it does more harm than good.

    You'll get lots of new mothers telling you their baby slept through from week 2 and their darling children were walking and talking by three months old image

    Its not a competion or a race, and chances are they're lying anyway image
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    Congrats, what are you calling her???

    Tips: Cry whenever you want, don't feel guilty if breastfeeding is not for you, sleep when you can, let Daddy do as much as possible, accept help from others as often as you can, cherish every single moment as they are not babies long.

    My little girl is nearly 14 months old now and the last year has flown

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    Congratulations! image
  • Thanks for the lovely wishes and helpful tips. We're loving it so far, and mini-me is just the most amazing little person in the world. I am tired and sore, and I couldn't care less about that! image
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    I agree with most of the stuff on here:

    Don't feel bad for saying to people can you give us some space before visiting

    Catch some sleep whenever you can (not that possible lol but if your family come etc)

    Don't knock yourself down if breast feeding doesn't work the majority of midwifes go barmy if you don't - its your baby, your life, your lack of sleep lol

    Take lots of photos cos my goodness do they change alot in the first year! I got one of those frames with my first year on, thought it was tacky at first but got used to the idea of taking a photo on the same date of each month and it is incredible

    all the best for you and your family x
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    Congratulations! Welcome to motherhood and this amazing adventure! My son is 4.5 months old and am loving it. Here are few things I wish people told me/discovered along the way:

    1) You will get emotional and tearful for no reason what so ever - cry and make sure you tell someone you trust - I held it back for a few weeks as I thought it was unusual!

    2) It is going to be so overwhelming as you put pressure on yourself as you want everything to be perfect - it will all fall into place

    3) Mother instincts will come automatically and you will know what will work best for you and your baby

    4) Don't be afraid to ask for help or receive help around the house but it is important to establish your routine without other people telling you what you should be doing or when.

    5) Enjoy being a mum and don't worry about your shape after birth - once you are ready to get fit you will and slowly your body will snap back into shape.

    6) Sleep when you can and rest - even if it is lieing down in bed/sofa while the little one is asleep.

    Good luck xx
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    Congrats xx
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    Oh what lovely news image

    big congrats!!! image
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    tips: sleep when the baby sleeps lol! x
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    Congratulations! It's absolutely the best feeling in the world... MOST of the time!

    There will be days when you feel completely and utterly stressed, overwhelmed and tearful. It's normal.

    Enjoy every second. My daughter is 5 months old on Sunday and it only feels like 2 minutes since she was born.

    You may get days where you feel like you don't have a clue what you're doing but go with your instinct - chances are it's right! x
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    Awww. Congratulations. Enjoy motherhood and keep us posted on how you're getting on x
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    Congrats! x
  • congratulations!!
  • Congrats!

    Make sure you sleep when she sleeps and are eating properly.

    Let people help you.

    Find a health professional you trust, some HVs can be quite awful.

    Your local childrens centre should run a new babies group that is great for knowing you're not alone! Also they often provide bf-ing support groups.

    Look out for the signs of colic and reflux early on. Always burp well, lie at 30 degrees, know that it DOES get better!

    I have a one yr old June baby image
  • Thanks again. image Loving the advice x
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    Many many congratulations to you. My advice is sleep when baby sleeps, trust your instinct and just enjoy each moment as she awakens a little more to the world each day.

    Congratulations again. image
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    Congrats! I'm not a mummy until august time but people who I know who have had babies have all rather surprisingly with some of them mind you mentioned to watch out for the baby blues it seems to be more common than I thought!
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