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Hi Ladies,

I just wondered what kind of thing you are thinking of stocking up on before baby arrives, I want to be confident that I have everything baby needs at home before he/she is born but not sure where to start to be honest. I know the essentials like cot, moses basket, bath etc but it's more like bottles, formula, nappies wipes etc that I'm confused about. It is my intention to bottle feed but not sure how much formula to buy and also which types of bottles to use? I like the look of the Tommee Tippee ones but should I just buy a starter pack and take it from there after baby is born? Also not sure about nappies should I just buy a few packs of the Pampers newborn ones and some wipes? OMG seems like there is sooooo much to organise! Any advice or ideas on what you're stocking up on would be fab x


  • mrsC2b2012mrsC2b2012 Posts: 734
    Last thing you wanna do is have to go shopping for essentials after baby is both so I would say stick up I think I had about 8 packs of newborn nappies and about 30 packets of wipes lol also I didn't bottlefeed but my friends that did had about 8 bottles - enough for a full day so you only need to wash and sterilize once a day, as for formula they had a couple of tins in ready.

    I actually have a tome tippee electric sterilizer that I used a couple of times and about 8 or 10 brand new tome tippie bottles and sone teats brand new swell as the little powder dispensers for when u r out and about pm ne if ur interested x
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    If you buy a tommee tippee steriliser you get bottles included in the pack. The same as with the manual breast pump.

    We just bought a couple of tins of formula, a couple of boxes of wipes, use your vouchers from your bounty packs etc for nappies as you get quite a few money off vouchers. And if you sign up for all the websites (aptamil, sma, huggies, pampers, organix etc etc) then they send you free gifts and vouchers too. One thing that is a must is muslins, great for putting over your shoulder when getting baby's wind up.

    Forget about Baby lotion and baby oil. We bought some and never used it.

    I think Asda's own brand nappies (little angels) are far better than huggies and pampers....and cheaper!!!

    Ensure you have newborn sleepsuits as well as 0-3 months as my little one was 7lb 7oz and the 0-3 months ones were way too big for her.

    And don't forget to make some batch meals like stew and freeze them cos in the first few days you really can't be bothered cooking and end up missing meals

    Dawn x
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    Hi, my baby is due in 9 weeks so we have been spending a lot of time on the nursery (although baby will sleep in our room for a while in moses basket). The following thread created a few months ago is very insightful:

    In terms of bottles etc, I bought the Tommy Tippee starter pack with electric steriliser for £60 from mothercare, you get 8 bottles altogether (4 med/4 large), and the only things I need are slow flow teets as the starter pack comes with medium/fast. I'm planning to breastfeed so the bottles are for when I express.

    Hope that helps, also I have used the mamas and papas checklist they provide in their catalogue which gives the basics. xx
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    I got a list from one of my mummy friends of realistically what we should get in... If you'd like it then drop me a PM with your email address and will send it... And she was bang on for what we needed!

    We've used tommee tippee bottles with microwave steriliser sinc the start and have had no problems... A few of my friends use avert bottles and complain they leak...

  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    I would buy enough to get you by for the first two weeks in terms of nappy and wipes as you don't know the size of your baby. Amazon is a good place to shop as I have found this to be quite cheap. Everything they tell you in the mags I would half as they go overboard - it is easier to buy later than discover you have bought too much. Thing I found really useful is the bottle warmer and thermal. As for the steriliser I have the tommee tippee electronic one but now wish I got the microwave one as it plays up esp if you live in a hard water area. Don't forget to buy nappy sack and breast pads.

    I would personally invest in an electronic breast pump if you are planning to express.

    It's easy to go crazy when you go shopping but friends and family give you so much - esp blankets - I bought quite a few and could easily not have bought any.

    I use baby johnson (the green one) baby cream which I think is much better than the other stuff they do. To clean the baby I have stuck to infacare. Again with lotions this can wait as you can easily ask friends and family to pick this up for you.

    Finally - don't turn away old baby clothes that people want to give you. You will have plenty of time to buy them their clothes yourself as they grow out of them so quickly.

    Oh it is so much fun getting organised - enjoy this amazing time ahead.
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Another thing I found useful was I bought a diary to log when how much milk and when the baby was fed, slept and toilet movements. It is a good way to see what pattern they are forming and will help you when you want to start to structure their day (and yours).
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    We also used the Tommee Tippee bottles which were no problem at all. I think we had 6 in total, which was enough. We used these with the Tommee Tippee microwave steriliser and I also used the Tommee Tippee hand-held pump for the short while I breast fed.

    The pump also comes with a small microwave steriliser which has been a God send for when we've been out overnight, or long visits etc as its much smaller & lighter than our main steriliser.

    We also had some powder dispenser units, which have been great as you don't need to drag the whole formula box out with you.

    We also had the Tommee Tippee travel bottle warmer, which is basically a flask with a plastic container which you can use to warm bottles when you're out. The one we had has actually stopped working so well so I'm going to replace it for when we have our next baby as I did find it invaluable, but it has done about a year and for a tenner I don't think that's bad.

    Another thing I wouldn't be without is our vibrating rocker chair! We were bought it as a gift & it meant the difference between a crying or a sleeping baby! It went everywhere with us. If you haven't already got one I'd definitely recommend it.

    With regards to toiletries etc we bought baby lotion & oil which we never actually use! We use baby bath & baby shampoo, lots of cotton pleats/balls, Sudocrem and baby wipes.

    Nappies - I honestly can't remember how many packs we had stored before our daughter was born. I think we had 2-3 packs of newborn 1 and the same in newborn 2. It was difficult trying to figure out which sizes to get because obviously you don't know how big your baby will be!

    I've got the following info off the Pampers website, but the sizes tend to be consistent across every range:

    New Baby size 1 - weight 4-11 lbs/2-5kg

    New Baby size 2 - weight 7-13 lbs/3-6kg

    New Baby side 3 - weight 9-15 lbs/4-7kg

    If you assume that most full term babies will be between 4-11 lbs then even taking into account weight loss during the first week, new baby size 1 will be fine for most for the beginning.

    Formula - we did intend to breastfeed but I had bought in about 6 ready to feed cartons of Aptamil 1 formula just in case things didn't work out, and I'm glad I did since the first night we got her home I couldn't settle her & we ended up bottle feeding her.

    Make sure you have plenty of bibs! Seriously you can never have enough!

    You don't need lots of fancy fiddly outfits for a newborn, ours was in bodysuits and/or babygros pretty much constantly.
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