Am I

Periods are normally regular and AF was due on saturday. But still no sign.

Its only our 1st month of TTC so prob reading too much into it.

I've had all normal PMS symptoms..although they seem more exagerated than normal. Sore breasts, bad moods, tingly sensations which are all common for me.

Although i do normally get bad spots and headaches too..which i havent had!

I dont want to test un-necessarily..but could any of these symptoms be because of pregnancy rather than PMS?


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    You are technically 4 days late, and the pregnancy symptoms and Pms symptoms are very similar. up to you how long you want to leave it
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    Thanks, I just feel like i'm being stupid even thinking I could be pregnant, as everything feels like PMS. i even told my hubby last week that there was no way I was pregant because I was in such a bad mood...image

    Well I think its best to test in the morning, so maybe I will tomorrow if no sign...

  • I would test. I felt exactly as you describe and was convinced I wasn't pg. I was. image
  • defo sounds like a possibility to me! fingers crossed, so lucky if you are, 1st month and everything!x
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    well i suppose at least i will know one way or the other..

    Do u think i can test now, or is it best to wait till morning?x
  • a lot of them say test in the morning but i think that is if your testing before AF was due, seeing as your already four days late i would think you could test now, if its negative it just tells you to wait three days and test again if still no sign of AF

    good luck x
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    Negative image

    Never mind - i think i knew that anyway, but at least it puts my mind at rest and maybe I will get some sleep tonight image

    Think its prob just my body playing tricks on me.

  • o im so sorry! it doesnt make sense why your so late though! id def say if AF not arrived in three days try again x
  • Sorry to hear you had a negative result.

    Earlier this year I was three WEEKS late, and it made no sense but I wasn't pregnant. I wasn't trying at the time, but it was still dissapointing. I think when we want something badly it is easy to start seeing symptoms when it's regular PMS.

    Hope you get your positive soon x
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    Well there is still no sign of AF, so almost 1 week late now!

    I've still been having slight cramps and sore breasts and each day i'm convinced AF will arrive - but still no sign.

    Very confused as I have been off the pill for a year now and periods have been very regular since. Always 28 days, April & May were 25 days. Last AF was 16th May.

    Think I will test again tomorrow morning, but dont want to keep testing un-necessarily - these tests are soooo expensive!!!
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    Get the supermarket ones, they are just as good and less than £4 for 2
    when i was trying for my 2nd i used soooo many tests it cost me a small fortune, in the end i bought 30 for £5 from ebay, just the little dip sticks the drs use, so i started using these regular and it was only when i got a positive result i used an expensive one to make sure. will save you a tonne!! hope it happens soon for you image
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    Well i tested again at 6am this morning and got my BFP!!

    Cant believe it, we are in shock!! image

    I go on holiday on wednesday, so hopefully I can get docs appointment before I go!...
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    Congratulations! Don't worry if you can't get to the docs. Rang mine but they didn't even want to see me till booking in at around 9 weeks. I just spoke to mw but she said don't worry, just take it easy etc. So if they can't see you or don't want to, I'm sure you'll be fine x
  • Congratulations!
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    Congrats - just start taking folic acid (you may have already started this when you started TTC though). And check on NHS website about what foods you aren't allowed to eat.

    That's all the doc said to me when I found out I was pregnant and didn't do anything else until I had my booking in appt with midwife at 8 wks. So don't worry if you can't see doc.

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    I have now started bleeding image

    So confused... first the negative test, this morning positive and now bleeding. I dont know what is happening.

    The bleeding is fairly light, I only noticed when I wiped, but its heavier than spotting! I still have cramping and had a bad headache all day.

    Called NHS direct and they said I need to speak to GP, so they are arranging for my out of hours surgery to call me back.

    So worried now... do you everything may still be OK?

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    Hi i had spotting throughout my first trimester. Try not to worry unless it gets heavy or u pass clots. I know its hard not to worry though. Hopefully its just a bit of implantation and baby is just burying deaper! my bleading for the first few months was always around when af was due
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    fingers crossed all is ok hun. xx
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