Scared about chlamydia, please help!

Hi all, not looking to conceive for bout a year from now but i have got this thing bugging me. i am petrified of being infertile. i found out i had chlamydia in dec 2006 after having tummy pains. i could have had it for up to 2 years. I took the antibiotics and was fine. H2b had it also and treated it as soon as we knew. We havent cheated we it is from one of our ex's not sure which tho. So anyway went to the docs who said we wouldnt be sure until we have been trying for a year and that because i had symptoms doesnt relate to infertility or PID, we have been checked 2 times since then and both times we have been clear, also i had blood tests for aids hiv and for a more in depth test and nothing came back from that. H2b didnt have chance to have a blood test that time but mine where all clear. Also had another blood test the day after for low blood pressure and that hospital didnt find anything when tested either. I have always been on contraception so never given myself chance to get pregnant, h2b has never gotten anyone pregnant and has always used condoms etc, but now thinks because ive got the implant he can go bare back! which we both enjoy really! we have and have always had a really good sex life, very sexually attracted to each other but never had the chance of pregnancy, has anyone else had this worry? have you been able to have a baby or not and if i have some damage is it curable? thanks in advance xx


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    I don't think you need to worry too much, especially at the moment but as the Dr said they wouldnt' look at whether you had any scarring or blockage until you have been TTC for a year. If you have an implant and have both been checked out for all types of STD then there is no need to be using condoms all the time too.

    I am sure the damage if you had any it is curable, I have seen people on TV with damage from Chlamydia and it has been sorted with a minor operation
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    I just wanted to say that I think we all have these same fears, I always worry about the what ifs, but at the end of the day. I am sure the reasons you or your partner don't have other babies running about is because you have been careful (or lucky lol).... Don't worry about it and enjoy TTCing. We are TTCing for the first time and I think alot of people have the same worries

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    Hi - i had chlamydia about 6 years ago, probably had it for around 2 years also. I too was also worried about this problem! Turns out first month off the pill we conceived and i am due in jan, so i think more of a big deal is made of it than is reality, so don't worry, relax and just BD as much as you can!.xxx
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    A lot of women have probably had this and gone onto to get pregnant without any problems....Chlamydia is very common....I think you have to worry more when you actually have PID which is often caused by an infection such as this, which is when the scarring is caused as the infection has travelled further up.

    Easier said than done, but i dont think you should be worrying about things you have no control over. Its something that has happened in the past, you both got tested and treated and you are now both sorted so try and relax.

  • Hiya, thanks for your comments, how do i know if it was PID? thanks
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    My friend had Chlamydia for a couple of years before she found out and went on to have 6 kids image

    Like the poster above says, a lot of women and men have this std without even knowing it, and only find out when they're actually pregnant!

    If you have the implant there is no need to wear a condom, as its a pretty safe form of contraceptive.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine hun
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    They would have told you if they knew you had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and you may have had to have extra treatment for it.
  • Would PID come up in the other test i had and in a blood test? i didnt have the full smear like test though, i had the one at the GUM clinic would that still test for it?
  • Oh no, it must be very stressful for you to feel so worried.

    As lots of people on here have said, try to relax, enjoy the trying and cross any bridges that you need to when you get there.

    Good luck xxxxx
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    There is no specific test for PID, it tends to be diagnosed based on symptoms, although they can do a scan and blood test to help with diagnosis. Just because you had chlamydia, it doesn't mean you have had PID......Chlamydia is something that can cause PID if left untreated.

    Like someone said above, some ladies find out they have Chlamydia when they are actually pregnant, so it just goes to show that you can still get pregnant without having any problems.

    Try and relax xx
  • ooh, i feel better after posting this thread, i know its a bit personal but im glad i did! xx
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    If you had PID I'm sure you would know about it, you'd be in a lot of pain. My sister had PID but it was wrongly diagnosed as a ruptured appendix so that's the sort of pain we're talking about!
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    Glad you are feeling better about things! Sometimes you spend so much time worrying and feeling like you are the only person going through something, but often when you talk about it, you find out its really common.

    Wishing you lots of luck when the time is right to start TTC.

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