Chosen my Pram...

...all that's left now is to order and pay for it! I had a look in a couple of shops and there aren't many prams that I really like but I totally fell in love with the icandy peach! I was really impressed with how easily it changed modes and folded away for the car. I also liked the fact that you can convert it into a double pram if you had another baby as it can accommodate a newborn and toddler at the same time. It was a lot more expensive than I thought I'd go for but worth it because I love it so much. What has everyone else gone for? I am waiting until my 20 week scan at the end of the month and then I will order it after then x


  • We went for the icandy cherry - loved all the icandys!!
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    We've got the icandy cherry as well. I have a mini so it was really hard trying to find one that could fit into my boot, and there are only 2! The Icandy cherry (just has smaller wheels than the peach) or the bugaboo (which doesn't have a proper carry cot, its a 'cocoon' and the baby seems to be very low down).

    I love icandys! They are so lightweight and stylish x
  • Just checked thm out online after seeing this post, and they're really nice - so cute & stylish. What colour are you going to go for? (or are you waiting to find out what you're having at 20wk scan so you can pick based on boy or girl?). Good luck with it all x
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    I'm just going for the black as we're not finding out the sex - I really love the sweet pea colour though but OH doesn't he prefers black so I'm happy to go with that. I really love it, it feels great to push around and folds so easy.

    I looked at the bugaboo as well but didn't like how low down baby would be and also the shape was a bit funny. The only thing with the peach is that it expensive and for the package inc car seat I kind of feel the foot muff should be thrown in as well as it's an extra £85 on its own and the changing bag is extra. I will ask in the shop though when I order it as they can only say no... x
  • I'm going for the stokke xplory. Really like the height adjust function. Not going to buy it until two months before baby arrives. We went to the baby show in Birmingham and had a good fiddle with them all.
  • We chose candy peach as it turns into a double easily! My baby is 9mths and we are ttc again as of next month so it's good to have the option of a double! Plus I love my peach x
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