Well it has been an emotional day!

This morning we got BFP, used Clear Blue digital test. Lunchtime I started bleeding so was obviuosly worried. Spoke to NHS direct and GP and they referred me to A&E !

Finally got to see the gynecologist, but turns out I am not preganant after-all! They done 2 tests, both Negative.

They also took blood test and will let me know result tomorrow, but its seems pretty certain I am not pregnant!

I am just in shock as I have always been advised you cannot get a false positive? Gynecolist said the tests can be too sensitive and if hormone levels are slightly higher than usual you can get false positive.

So turns out my bleeding is my period (1 week late)

I feel like such a fool and totally gutted.... Still no idea why AF was late as it has never been late before...



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    Oh I am so sorry. Please look up chemical pregnancy as it sounds exactly like what you had. Hopefully you get your BFP soon x
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    I've just been looking at Chemical Pregnancies and it does seem that this is the likely cause of my positive test. Although they say this is normally the case when testing early..but I was testing a week late..!

    Also seen on some other forums people with the same problems as me, and it turns out the hospital tests were wrong.. I'm not getting my hopes up though and will find out for sure tomorrow with the blood test results...

    What a day!x
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    Bless you, what a day for you, and a hell of a roller coaster. Hope that you soon get sorted with either the blood test giving you what you want or that your cycles return back to normal
  • Fingers crossed the hospital are wrong. x

    My SIL got a BFP then started bleeding. She went to the hospital & they did scan & bloods & told her they couldnt find anything. They said that there was possibly a chance it was just very ealy on & to go back in 2 weeks for another scan just to be sure. 2 weeks later it was confirmed that she was pregnant & that she must have only just been pregnant when she tested so had a crossover period. Her daughter was born healthy 9 months later so fingers crossed for you too x
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    Oh really?

    I always thought blood test would be 100%..!

    I do feel like I'm having a bad period right now and bleeding has got gradually worse all day, so I'm pretty sure i'm not pg now. (still doesn't really explain the BFP though)

    Just have to wait and see now. I'm off on holiday on weds, which isn;t great timing, but i'll take a few tests with me i think.
  • Apparently it is possible to get false positives from home tests

    I was always under the impression you couldn't get a false positive but apparently you can from home tests.

    I hope you're okay, I know it must be really dissapointing to have a BFP and find out your not.

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    Results of blood tests confirmed I am not pg. HGC levels were only 5.

    Nurse confirmed that it is likely to have been a chemical pregnancy and told me to try not to test early in future. This comment really annoyed me, as I have told them, repeatedly that I did not test early.. I was a week late! Feel like I am being spoken to like a child!

    My 'period' is now quite heavy, although different to usual.. (more gushing and wet if that makes sense) - sorry if tmi.

    Is a period after Chemical pregnancy likely to be heavier and more painful?

    Hope it doesn't go on for too long, as I go on hols on Weds...
  • Nurses have really great skills of talking to you like you are a child....

    my story a little different ... I had really bad pains one evening, I woke up bleeding, I thought it could have been my period which came early, but I still had a week to go in my pill pack which was really out of charter for me, then I had blood clots .... booked in with nurse as knew something was wrong ...

    she told me it was my period and to go away, if it happened next mth to go back! I explained that it wasn't my period but she dismissed me.

    I booked in with the doctor and explained to him, it turns out I had a miscarriage but the pregnancy was early on ... this hit me hard as I wasn't expecting this neither did my H2B, the nurse is in trouble now for the way she spoke to me and not doing her job, she should have referred me to the doctor.

    My long winded point is, some nurses are on power trips, you know your body, you know if something isn't right, if your in pain get your doctor to check you out, it is what they are there for, hope this helps in someway
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    I know what you mean about the nurses.

    When she phoned to give me the results of the blood test, she didn't even try to explain anything.

    Its only when I mentioned the possiblilty that it was a chemical pregnancy that she agreed that was likely.

    She should be telling me that and explaining it to me...not the other way round!

    Well i am not going to dwell on it. Hopefully cycles go back to normal and we can carry on trying..x
  • Could you be experiencing an early mc? I haven't really got a clue but the gushing blood you say is different to normal af... Sorry if it's not the case but just thought I'd suggest it!

    Best of luck xx
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688

    Well basically the diagnosis (thanks to this forum and google..not the doctors!) is I had a chemical pregnancy..which is a very very early mc.

    So thats why my period is heavier than normal.

    Alot of women could have a chemical pregnancy but not even know about it..
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