Only TTC but already online shopping baby stuff

Hubby and I have only just decided to TTC but I have wanted to start for a while, and now I can't stop thinking about it all. I look online at baby stuff already. Does anyone else do that? Not even pregnant and already picking things out? I know it's ridiculous but I can't help it. I know its way too premature and I'm probably jinxing things but I've bought a couple of things on eBay that were a bargain....Anyone else obsesssing like this already?


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    To be honest I would stop this as difficult as it is. I am currently pregnant, 6weeks + 5, and once I got pregnant I started looking at lot's of baby things. Hadn't actually bought any. But I had a scare this week, had to go to Early Pregnancy Unit for an early scan, all was ok but it has stopped me looking at anything until we get to 12 weeks pregnant. As anything I pick I will be picking for this future baby and if I did miscarry I wouldn't want them for a future baby.

    I hope this makes sense to you
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    Hiya, I agree cebpickle I'm afraid :S It's not just that though, the more you look, the harder it is to resist the temptation to buy. It's mental torture and very addictive! :S One thing I found was, when you don't know whether it is a boy or a girl, unisex stuff looks fine. When you know, it either looks too feminine or masculine! Also, even in a short space of time, things move on quite rapidly. What is a brilliant bargain now, may not be such a bargain when you get pregnant (same as at the beginning and end of pregnancy so be careful! grab something because you really want it and it's a bargain, not just because it's a bargain), because newer models may be out and that would push the price and demand down on the older models, if that makes sense? Besides, there will always be bargains to be had when you do conceive. One more point I found was, that I have conceived 5 times when I wasn't trying. When I was trying, and I was looking at all the baby mags, catalogues, websites, shops, you name it! Could I conceive?! NO!! I gave up after 13 months of stress, stopped obsessing and voila! BFPs! image A few MCs unfortunately but my 2 gorgeous sons make up for those image good luck with everything! image x
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    Please STOP! Really, as others have said, its just too much and you'll start becomming consumed by TTC. It can take ages to conceive and I'm not saying that to put you off, but you're just putting even more pressure on yourself. Think about how you'd feel if you got to your 5th or 6th month of testing and still get a BFN how awful and frustrated would you feel looking at a pile of baby stuff?

    You think at start of TTC that it will be fun fun fun and you won't be upset if it doesn't happen that month, you'll just keep having fun fun fun until it does. WRONG! That 'fun' starts to feel more like a chore, you start to panic about 'what's wrong with us?' even though rationally you know it takes healthy couples up to a year to conceive, and you get REALLY upset at every bfn and resentful at every AF.

    I know this sounds harsh, but that is the reality. So constantly thinking about babies and buying things isn't going to help you get through some of these tough bits.

    Obviously I hope you catch quickly but this isn't necessarily going to be the case.

    And trust me, once you ARE pregnant you have plenty of time to get stuff and wait for bargains to come round - 9 months is a long time. I'm currently 6 months pregnant and we've only been buying baby things since the 20 week abnormality scan. I was researching stuff after the 12 week scan, but didn't dare buy anything til later because of what cebpickle said (I don't think I'd want to use stuff I'd bought for THIS baby with another if we'd lost it). And we've still been able to wait for the right products to be put into sales or search for the exact second hand product we'd been looking for new.

    The only things I bought when we found out we were pregnant is some books on pregnancy.

    When I saw cute baby stuff when we were TTC and felt itchy to buy them, I turned attention towards TTC products like sperm friendly lubricant and ovulation testing kits! I just told myself I could only buy things that were currently appropriate to my situation!

    I know its hard but I just don't want you upsetting yourself more than you have to. It can be a gruelling process and you need to make things as easy for yourself as possible.

    Sorry if I've sounded harsh but I know how hard it can be.

    Big hugs and lots of baby dust to you - let's hope you can resume your buying, with someone to buy for, very soon!

  • I have only bought a couple of things - nothing big & nothing that is 'fashionable', just a couple of things I would have bought regardless of gender...It's more a case of looking at stuff online than actually buying as I said in my original post. My original question was just wondering if anyone else that is TTC finds themselves looking on all the baby websites & thinking about what they'll buy when they do conceive? I'm not buying prams or cots or anything, just little things. I don't take it as you being harsh sweetjouk - I understand what you mean about not getting ahead of myself & waiting until actually pregnant but I can't help trolling the baby websites. Thanks for the advice ladies x
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    It is hard not to buy baby clothes when you are TTC. My outlet avenue was buying stuff for my nieces. I do tend to agree with what everyone has said, you will have plenty of time to buy things when you are pregnant. I did not buy anything until I was 30+ weeks pregnant but did loads of research. Plus you don't know how big/small your baby is going to be and like now I am discovering how quickly the grow and I have loads of clothes that have been given to me or bought since my son was born for when he is much older that I have to check I have not forgotten about them.

    Also there will always baby bargains and sale going on. I remember when shops where doing baby event I wanted to stock up but decided not to until I knew my baby was here and since he has been born there has been a baby event almost every month so you don't loose out at all.

    Good luck with TTC.
  • I guess that's the thing Poppet12 I'm in a differemt country to nieces & nephews, and don't have that. I haven't bought any clothes - just a couple of Beatrix potter teddies, and a bedroom sign. No clothes or 'big' things.

    It's more a case of looking! That's what I originally was talking about - I look at stuff online and pick out stuff in my head (only bought a a few things, and these are quite non-baby specific items like the teddies). I read everything I can about TTC and these sites have other sections that I usually check out and before you know it I'm looking at baby bits.

    Again thanks for the advice ladies, and I understand what you're saying. Friends of mine lost their baby when she was 7months pregnant, and they stored everything round his parents house until they could deal with it. Good news is they now have a healthy daughter who was born a few weeks ago. I get the point about buying too early though.

    I will take sweetjouk's advice and look at TTC products instead, and try not to get to caught up with baby stuff.
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