How long did it take you to conceive? Still trying?

Hey ladies,

My husband and i are hoping to start TTC next month, friends who are pregnant or have had babies had varied expereinces of how long it has taken for them to conceive. Just curious of your experiences? Have prepared myself that this could take a year or more image


  • I don't have an answer for you as we ar only just TTC, but didn't want to read and run. Good question though!

    I'm planning on just seeing how things go for a year too, (well thats the plan anyway!). Good luck x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    It took us 5 months but I know people that it has taken years and they have had children through IVF and others that have fallen in a month. So it is really an unknown quantity
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    It took us 6 months. Which doesn't sound like a long time but you do end up putting pressure on yourself, even if you're determined not to.

    Try to just enjoy it and keep telling yourself it could take a year!

    The problem is we live in a 'now now now' consumer society where if we want something we get it straight away on credit etc and so having to wait, with an unknown end date is actually harder than you think!

    Good luck

  • lucyshawlucyshaw Posts: 71
    It took us 3 months using a fertility monitor x
  • gerdy78gerdy78 Posts: 315
    Thanks for your replies ladies. From reading lots of threads on the forum, i am really going to take the advice to try my hardest to keep myself occupied with other things, such as booking weekends away and getting other dates in the diary, to divert the focus away. Getting pregnant really isn't something we can take for granted, and reading about everyone's experiences, i can see how i could let it take over my life. We are not TTC yet, but i can already see how much of my time i am thinking about having a baby, so can only imagine how i will be when we are TTC! It is so great that this forum is a place we can try and keep eachother sane during this stressful time, however hard this may be!
  • we fell pregnant in our first month of trying but i had stopped taking my pill 6 months before this to allow my body to get back to normal before ttc.
  • MrsPugh2MrsPugh2 Posts: 446
    On average its about a year for a "normal" woman (my Fertility Consultant told me this) i suffer with PCOS so it can take me more than a year. Plus the Drs wont do anything unless you have been trying for over a year. Hope this helps
  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    Hi I came off the pill at the end of last period, had withdrawal bleed, one normal period 28 days later and fell pregnant mid-November. I had been on the pill for 6 years prior to that. Good luck for when you start ttc x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    MrsPugh2b if it helps my cousin has PCOS, it took longer than a year with her first but then she fell 9 months later with her second so her two children are 18 months apart
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    a year for me, early days still as think I am on week 4, but very excited and we have been trying for 1 year and had all the tests done, and was going to start Clomid on my next cycle.

    I am a bit scared but hope it will progress well.
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I came off depo and it took us 15 months. I now have a very cheeky 14 month old girl

    Dawn x
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    I came off the Depo in December, by March my cycles were going crazy-every 14 days! Stopped using contraception in June as had been using ov sticks without success and doctor had said that cycles were too short to be ovulating - well 6 weeks later I was pregnant!! Spent first 3 months of my pregnancy in complete shock!! My little man will be 4 week old on Thursday!!
  • MrsM17MrsM17 Posts: 368
    Came off the pill, had a withdrawl bleed and a natrual period then got out BFP. So took us 2 cycles. I did BBT and used samsar concieve plus though so I think that helped.

    Get yourself over to baby expert the sister site of YAYW xx
  • I came off pill jan 2010 had withdrawal bleed and then waited for my first proper af before trying. we fell first month ttc x
  • My daughter was a surprise but i had come off the pill 6 months previous & was using alternative contraception. WIth my son we were trying for 3 months. I used a chart estimated when ovulating on the 3rd month (not digital just plain old counting). I was away when it said i would be at best chance to concieve but did baby dance on the last 2 days of it & feel then.

    Also if your going to start TTC now is a good time to start preparing your body by taking folic acid & healthy eating etc.
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