Keep faith in yourself

I lost a pregnancy at 6 weeks and then a pregnancy at 8 weeks. It was the most awful 6 months of my life. From the elation of your BFP to the devastation of miscarriage. Don't let anyone tell you that it was not a real pregnancy or baby. It was your child and as it's mum you loved it with all your heart.You have to be allowed to grieve, seek help if you need it.

I went through my second miscarriage on the 1st Jan 2009, I held the tiny grape sized foetus in my hands in the hospital and cried like I have never cried before.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that I conceived again just 2 weeks later and gave birth to a health baby girl on the 1 October, just 5 days early.

This could happen to you too. Keep faith in your self. Women are amazing!


  • Oh Abigailsmum that is so touching. My SIL just miscarried at 11 weeks and my heart went out to her. I honestly could not stop thinking about her.

    Then 3 weeks later our MIL made comments like "life goes on" and "it happens to so many women, it's not a big deal".

    I was horrified. Fortunately it hasnt happened to me but I would most definately find it a 'big deal' and whilst life does go on, I dont think SIL was ready move on and shouldnt have been made to feel like she should of.

    Naturally she was very very upset.

    I'm so glad you have had a lovely healthy baby, you give me hope that SIL will be happy xxx
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