Photography disagreements!

Hi all B2B's

I'm new to this site and getting married in Feb 08.

H2B and myself are already disagreeing with wedding plans and i think it's money well spent to get a photographer but he disagrees and wants a family friend to do it.

Does anyone have any advice on this? Is it a mistake to allow a family friend to take the piccies, she is apparently quite good. If i broach the subject and ask to see some of her photos how can i back out if i don't like what i see?


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    Personally I wouldn't want someone taking photos if I hadn't seen what they were capable of - especially if you are paying them..

    Is the family friend due to be invited as a guest to the wedding too? The reason I ask is that my dad has done photos for friends weddings occasionally, whilst attending as a guest and it was hard for him to be both a guest and a photographer becuase he was runnign around doing pictures as a favour, but then didn't get a chance to actually enjoy the ceremony or anything. Plus, it was an awful responsibility for him if anything went wrong.

    Actually - that wold be something to check - what do they do if they have a problem - for example my photographers wife is also a photographer so they both come and they both have cameras and she takes a backup shot of every photo just in case.

    The other thing to consider is reliability - is the friend reliable, will they mess you around, if you aren't paying them... can you 100% rely on them not to let you down? I've seen a fair few posts on here from people who had family/friends agreeing to do things and then it causese problems.

    Will they take the photos you want rather than the photos someone else in the family want? Will they listen to you over and above anyone else? I don't think my mother has ever forgiven her mother for telling her photographer that he couldn't take pics of them signing the register! Our photographer has told us that he will do photos of other people if htey ask when he has finished, but he follows our instructions only as to what shots will be taken and where.

    I don't mean to sound negative - its just that personally I'd rather pay a professional than risk something going wrong - at least you can be covered with insurance that way, and to be honest you don't have to spend a fortune to get good photos - our photographer is costing £350 or thereabouts and we get quite a lot of pictures for that.
  • That's a good price for a photographer. I must admit this friend is a responsible person who would be able to attend as a photographer rather than a friend. And also, we don't want professional photos for the main reception as the plan is for everyone to take photos - H2B likes the 'action shots'. If something does go wrong tho i would be gutted. Thanks for the pointers ... i'll go chat to H2B.
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