What you packing for hospital bag?

just wondered what you guys are packing in your hospital bag? I picked up some breast pads and maternity sanitary towels which are a very sexy canoe kind of size as you could imagine lol. I know that things like night ware, clothes for baby etc are the norm but just wondered if there was anything that people packed that was different or wish they had ie ok you may be a little tender down there so is something like a soothing cream a good thing to pack??? Who knows tell me your thoughtsimage


  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    Hi Deb, I think its a good idea to pack something for down there but not sure what and if it would be too tender with stitches? Definitely packing panties that are one size too big given the size of maternity pads!

    I am also taking my kindle and Ipod with me in case of a prolonged stay in hospital or long labour. General advice is to take snacks so stock up. I am also taking my slippers lol. Im interested to see what other women took/advise in terms of quantity of nappies/sleep suits etc. image
  • BiffsWifeBiffsWife Posts: 820
    This is what I took, sounds a lot but believe me i used most of it -

    PJ's for me - 2 pairs

    socks - you go really cold in labour sometimes and i hate having cold feet

    toiletries such as shampoo, moisturiser, hair bobbles, toothpast, toothbrush

    at least 3 outfits for baby. You'll only need one or two (providing baby isnt sick/doesnt poo down it) if you're in and out but if you have to stay in for a couple of days you're prepared.

    sanitary pads

    I didnt use breast pads as it takes a day or two for your milk to come in and i was home by then

    salt - if you have stitches and get to have a bath at the hospital, this is brilliant to ease things "down there" Arnica tablets are also good for bruising

    phone charger/camera/loose change (i went through A LOT of lucozade out of the machine!)

    nappies/sudocrem/wipes etc

    coming home outfit - something comfy, i took leggings, uggs and a big jumper

    books/magazines etc - labour can slow down and it gets boring!!

    lip balm - if you use gas and air your lips get dry

    In terms of quantaties i took 10 nappies, 3 sleepsuits, a going home outfit for baby, 3 hats, scratch mitts, blanket.

    You may also want to take your own pillow, I didnt but I wish I had looking back.

    Ahh its bringing back memories image Best of luck ladies!xxx
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Yeah like BiffsWife, I think i took most of those things, plus my dressing gown. i had to go to theatre straight after having my daughter so was on the ward in a gown and they are breezy! very glad i had slippers and dressing gown!

    Anything you can nibble on, i found it really helpful having my own snacks so i didn't have to buy them there, they are so expensive! make sure you have a note either on your phone or a little book with anyones numbers you want to call!

    I would also suggest getting some nipple cream if your planning on breast feeding. if you start using it before you get sore it works a lot better as a preventative rather than a solution!

    definitely nice cleanser, moisturiser, bits to make you feel refreshed, it's hard work that labour bit so you will deserve a little refresh!

    A friend of mine took a bottle of dry shampoo which she said was really handy as she (like me) couldn't get out of bed for a little while!

    you will feel like you have taken half the house with you but it's worth it to feel comfortable!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    My cousin said all of these, plus a bottle and some ready made formula to have in case you have problems breast feeding initially
  • rosemary20ukrosemary20uk Posts: 2,377
    For Mum - Essentials for Labour

    Maternity book/notes

    Birth plan

    Old nighty for labour

    Lip Balm

    Snacks/Drinks/Glucose tablets

    Hair bobble

    Glasses and case


    Spare Tshirt for hubby

    After the birth...

    Buttoned nightie


    5 pairs of big pants

    Maternity sleep bra

    Breast pads x1 pack

    Maternity pads x2 packs

    Carry bag for dirty washing

    Money in change purse

    Phone and charger

    Clothes to come home in

    Mini shampoo & conditioner

    Hairbrush and comb & bobble

    Mini Body wash

    Toothbrush and mini paste

    Face wipes

    For Mum - Nice to Have Not Essential

    Slipper socks

    Maternity bra

    Massage oil

    Basic make-up items - if you actually put them on you're a hero!

    Contact lenses and solution


    Book/Magazine - very very unlikely to need

    Flip-flops for shower

    BF boomerang pillow

    Arnica tablets

    Face wipes

    Tankini top - if using birthing pool

    Cooling spray

    Bed socks

    Night shorts x2

    Nursing bra x2 - essential if breastfeeding

    Nipple cream - essential if breastfeeding

    Facial Moisturizer

    Pillow(old cover)

    For Baby - Essentials

    Car seat

    Isofix base fitted in car - depending on type of car seat

    Newborn sleepsuits x 4

    Newborn vests x 4

    0-3 sleepsuits x1

    0-3 vests x1

    Scratch mits x2

    Snowsuit for coming home if winter baby

    Coming home outfit including cardy,hat.mittens

    Newborn Nappies x1 pack

    Nappy sacks

    Muslin squares x3

    Mini sudacream


    For Baby - Nice to Have Not Essential

    Baby pram blanket x1

    Small cellular blanket x1

    Bibs x3

    Pampers sensitive Wipes x1

    Cotton wool balls big bag

    Baby flannel

    Mini Johnsons baby bath head to toe (just in case of long stay for bath)

    Snuggle robe towel

    Little changing mat from changing bag
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    Can I add a water spray to the list?

    I used a Tesco one, found it in the suntan lotion/holiday stuff aisle. It was invaluable during my labour.

    You get hot and with the gas and air my lips got dry no matter how much water I drank. The water spray really helped cool me down and felt great.
  • NutterRaeNutterRae Posts: 126
    I agree with all of the above! Definitely muslin squares - you can never have enough. A mini fan is useful - I was in hospital when it was hot weather and was boiling hot the whole time. A going home outfit - what you go into hospital wearing may not be suitable to go home in. I went in wearing my over the bump maternity jeans and found that the seam where the bump band joined the jeans rubbed across my c section wound and big pants - if you have to have a section you'll need pants that come up above your navel - believe me you don't need your pants to keep rolling down onto your scar!
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    I cant really comment on the things for in labour as I was lucky and it was relatively quick so was at home for the majority of it, but I did put my ipod with docking station on in delivery room which was nice. I also brought a couple of cheap nighties, i wore one to give birth in, which went in the bin at the hospital. The miudwife was keen to put me in the second nightie rather than PJs straight after the birh as makes it easier if any probs! I changed to PJs on the second day in hospital.

    I also took disposable pants (would recommend buying a size bigger than you need) and wore them under big pants which i purchased from Primark! Also one size bigger to allow for no ruubbing!

    I woud also recommend taking a bottle of water-i have never been so thirsty in my life as sfter delivery, but between needing stitches and a shift change it took a while for anyone to bring me any. Luckily hubby had one in his bag for him!

    Finally, I would recommend a sports water bottle as if you end up with stitches squirting water at the area when you have been to the loo is an easy way of keeping them clean! (the doc who did my stitches recommended it).

    oh just from personal exp, I had two types maternity pads and found the ones with wings really irritated! I would stick to ones without! I also wore 2 at a time for the first couple days!

    Hannah x
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    I'm seconding the big pants- particularly if you have a c section.... And I mean BiG pants that come up above your belly button... I assumed I'd have a normal labor and so packed pjs for afterwards then had a c section and ended up wearing nighties with maternity leggings underneath whilst I was in hospital...

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