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I've just been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome..which explains my change in skin, moods and subsequent lack of periods! I don't get married until December but had planned to start trying soon after.. I'm having an ultrasound soon to determine how bad it all is (which I am not looking forward to..yuk!) but am hugely worried how difficult it may now be to conceive image

Any advice or hopeful stories out there?...



  • MRSLYNN27MRSLYNN27 Posts: 21
    Hello, I know how you feel, i got married last april and came off the pill straight away, i noticed my skin became so spotty and my periods stopped, after going to the doctors and having scans it was confirmed i had pcos. I was so upset, however was sent to the fertility clinic and started taking clomifene to kick start my periods, and after 1 cycle it worked, and im now 7 weeks pregnant, it did take 14 months but we got there! There is hope and fingers crossed you get seen by the fertility clinic soon. x
  • mummyfrenchmummyfrench Posts: 144
    Hi, I think the side effects from PCOS and time to conceive etc varies hugely from person to person. I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago and was overweight, had spots and only had a period every 5 months or so. I joined weight watchers and managed to lose about 3 stone which I think helped a lot with it. My periods became regular again and when DF and I decided to try for a baby we conceived the first month we started trying. I was honestly staggered, but we're now the happy parents of two little boys so fertility treatment isn't always necessary and there is definitely hope of having babies! Good luck!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    It can take a while for the first, but it is about being as healthy as you can, when you try to conceive, and once you fall with one the second can be quick, my cousin took a while with her first, but 9 months later fell pregnant with her second
  • MrsRS2BMrsRS2B Posts: 240
    A friend of mine has PCOS, and she got pregnant within the first month of trying!
  • Thanks for kind and helpful words everyone - that makes me feel a bit better and I am just glad I spose that I've found it all out now before we start trying.

    Not wanting to get too gritty on detail here but I am not so good with things 'down below' (yes I don't know how I will actually get through pregnancy if please God I get that far, but I'll have to deal with that when I come to it!!) and have just had details of the scan I have to have for PCOS.. Is it as horrific as the NHS info leaflet makes it sound?!! Yuk! I am such a pathetic wuss with this kind of thing!

  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I got diagnosed with pcos 3 months after I got married, and we started ttc within about 2 weeks and I fell pregnant within 2 weeks as well, despite having AF a few times a year if that. Apparently, its a 50:50 chance of having difficulty conceiving (Victoria Beckham and Jamie Oliver's wife have it), so don't stress about it. I'm now due in 13 days! x
  • Ahh that's lovely news JHyams! Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration! I'm not fully 'clued' up with what I'd need to do to bring on my periods again (not sure what TTC is sorry) - is this something my GP can help with?

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    TTC is trying to conceive. Is it an internal ultrasound you have to have? I had to have one the other week and it was fine, a lot easier than a smear test.
  • hey

    I have PCOS and when i was being tested i had an ultrasound but it wasnt horrible it was just the same as when you go for one when you are pregnant i also had a few blood tests.

    I am currently TTC and it will be 9 months on the 7th July, no luck as yet but only had 2 periods in that time, after my next cycle i have to have further Bloodtests and then they will prescribe me Clomid which boosts ovulation.

    Please try not to worry it wasnt nearly as bad as i expected.

    Good Luck x
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    You don't need to actually have a period for your body to ovulate. I last had a period in July of last year, but fell pregnant in early October x
  • Thanks ladies - yes it's an internal ultrasound and pelvic one too which is external I think - am such a wuss with things like that!! I have had smears but the NHS letter going into detail about the procedure made me panic more - 15 minutes of someone having a probe makes me feel a bit queesy!!!!

    Thank you for advice though - you may see from a previous post of mine too that one of the lovely side effects is skin issues I've been going through - at that time I didn't know PCOS was causing it but my face is like an oil slick most days, even when I wake up - which is also worrying me for my wedding day in December - not to mention the dreaded spots I now get all the time - have any of you been through the same?

  • marparukmarparuk Posts: 265
    Hi sarahbirchalltobe

    can i suggest this website as a great PCOS resource. It's been great for me with really useful advice
  • Thank you marparuk image x
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