How effective is a membrane sweep?

Hi Girls,

I'm 40 weeks + 2 and I'm due to get a membrane sweep tomorrow. A bit nervous about it but at the same time I'm hoping it'll work because I'm climbing the walls with boredom.

L x


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I had a membrane sweep on the Friday that left me 2cms dilated and made my mucus plug come out. My waters broke on the Sunday evening and I had my little girl on the monday morning.

    Make sure you take a panty liner with you to your appointment. I didn't know I was getting a sweep as I went to see the consultant and she was worried as my bile levels were seriously raised so they decided there and then to give me a sweep and they were going to induce me on the tuesday if nothing happened over the weekend.

    Dawn x
  • I had 3 sweeps in the end should have been 4 (first was on my dd but baby was too high). I was bought into hospital 40 w + 6 (for induction)on the day & induction started abot 2 hours after. Waters webt next morning in hospital.
  • I had one. It apparently is successful within 48 hrs for about 40% of the ladies who have it done.
  • EJW14810EJW14810 Posts: 315
    I had a sweep, it started me off that evening but it took 3 days for me to eventually deliver my gorgeous little man! x
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