The testing begins.....

Hey All

I am 23 hubby is 26 and has a 6 year old daughter we've been TTC just under 12 months and have been to see docs this morning as i am still extremely irregular and getting no positives from O.V. sticks. She's put me in for a blood test to check progesterone and hubby has got to have semen check (although she said 99.9% chance that his will be fine because he's already got katie and had a pregnancy since then aswell). So after these results come back probably just over a weeks time we got to go back see her again to discuss the results and probably book me in for checking my Fallopian Tubes. My docs not great at explaining things so has any one been down this route and can they tell me there experiences etc? what i need to expect? after these tests she said she'll give me fertility drugs ...i am presuming this will be clomid. Any one know what happens if my tubes are blocked??


  • I don't know much myself but I've just had 2 of my blood tests- one more to go. Hubby has had his test done too. Heard nothing yet but not too sure we will for a bit. All areas seem to work differently. I'm on a 6-7 month waiting list to see if my tubes are blocked then our next appointment is in February. I think (but I'm not sure) we won't be given our results till then image
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