Anyone had or know of anyone having success after sterilisation reversal?

I'm 34 and was bullied into a sterilisation at the age of 22 by my ex forward to 2006 and I meet my DH and married him in Sept '09. We saved up £3600 for the reversal which I had done almost 2 weeks ago. Surgeon advised the operation went very well and gave my success rate as approx 70% which is obviously as good as we hoped.... Just wondered if anyone has any success stories to boost me as I'm feeling a bit nervous that it won't work for us. Hubby is extremely confident that it will work as he spoke more in dept with the surgeon as I was recovering from the anaesthetic. I'm due to go for a follow up on the 27th July. Thanks in advance ximage


  • Got my fingers crossed for you, and want to wish you all the best. Keep positive image xx
  • BeauvallonBeauvallon Posts: 217
    My husbands ex daughter in law had a reversal at 38- as her new partner had no children and she had a baby at 40 so fingers crossed for you
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    No knowledge but best of luck for you.
  • Hayleymarie6Hayleymarie6 Posts: 312
    Ahhhh, some success stories already! Thanks for the good luck messages. I'm excited and nervous, I have 2 teenagers so it'll be a shock to the system if it works as I've no doubt forgotten how tiring it all is! Thanks again- image
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    Hi Hayleymarie6,

    My mum got her sterilisation reversed November/December 2007 and fell pregnant October 2008. (She had been sterilised approx 1991/1992 after she had my brother!)

    She was 43 when she had it reversed and my step dad was approximately 50!

    She did however have to go to America to have the op because of her age and because she already had 3 kids nobody in the UK would do the op.

    Good luck image

    Hope it all goes well xx
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