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When did you start to show?

For all you ladies who already have children who are quite far on, when did you start to show?

I am worried it will be obvious on me quite soon as I am 5ft 2 and size 8.


  • I'm 5'7 and a size 12-14. I'm now 13+4 and have a clear roundness to my tummy. I think its more obvious to me and hubby than anyone else x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I am 10 weeks or 11.5 weeks (working on two dates) and my stomach is definately getting more rounded and I am finding problems with the waist band on some things. Thing is I look more podgy than pregnant. I have only put on 2lb in weight since falling pregnant
  • JvLwithBabyBoyJvLwithBabyBoy Posts: 2,740 New bride
    im 5 foot 4 and normally a size 6-8 and i wore most of my normal jeans till about 18 weeks without any problems. i started showing at about 20-22 weeks but could still have hidden it easily with strategic clothes. it really depends on the person though. some women show earlier, some only later.
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    I was about size 8 5ft 8 when i fell pregnant and didn't show for quite a while, I had a little rounded bump at about 20 weeks but you didn't really notice unless i was wearing really fitted clothes, i think it depends on how good your stomach muscles are to hold it all in!! I was 6 months pregnant and only had a really small bump but i still ended up with a big belly by about 34 weeks!!
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I'm 5'3" and was a size 6. I didn't show until I was about 6-7 months pregnant. I know I didn't show at 6 months, because I was a bm for my mum and my mum's husband's sons both asked me out because they forgot I was married and didn't know I was pregnant! And at 7 months, we saw hubby's ex gf and she would have definately said if she noticed! And on the plus side, I even got beeped by a van driver yesterday despite being overdue!

    But I know have a huge bump and can't wait to be able to lie on my tummy again!
  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    Im a little over 5'0 and size 6/8 on top, 10 on bottom and didn't show until week 22, even then it was a small bump. Im 35 weeks now and have a big bump but you can't tell I'm pregnant from behind. I still wear all of my big fitting tops and in size 8 maternity jeans, in fact I have only purchased 2 maternity items of clothing throughout pregnancy and still get into size 6 tops.

    JHyams - i can't wait tol I can lie on my tummy also, its a pain not being able to but it won't be for long.
  • Lainey_emLainey_em Posts: 167
    I starting show at about 20 weeks am 5ft 6 and size 12.It was a very steady weight gain from then on. Love having a bump am 37 weeks now can't wait to meet my little one
  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    Awww thanks for your replies ladies!!! I bet you all look lovely with your bumps! I have a feeling that I will just be one of those people that get mistaken for just being a bit of a fatty! my appetite has increased so much though that this will probably be half right!
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    I actually lost weight in the first trimester. I lost just over a stone because I was so ill ( I could stand to lose it though - I was a size 16 - 18) So everyone thought I had been dieting - not growing a baby!

    I started to look just a bit podgier around my middle from week 14 onwards - not enough for people to realise I was pregnant but just think I'd been drinking too much beer with kebabs! That was the WORST stage.

    I started to look properly pregnant around 26 weeks I reckon. I'm now 31 weeks and can't believe I'm going to get bigger - I actually grow overnight! Hubby took pics of me last week on Monday, and again on Weds and I look so much bigger on Weds - ridiculous!

    Biazrely though, because of my initial weight loss, I'm only 3lbs heavier than when I conceived! So I look thinner than normal everywhere else, just with a pregnancy bump!
  • maisemmaisem Posts: 2
    I actually lost weight in the first trimester. I lost just over a stone because I was so ill ( I could stand to lose it though - I was a size 16 - 18) So everyone thought I had been dieting - not growing a baby!

    Same with me but I was a size 12 and I lost just under a stone. Morning sickness was awful. I'm now 17 weeks and i've gained a pound. When i'm laying down I can clearly see a bump but when i'm standing up I just look a bit podgy!! Can't wait until I have a proper bump!
  • JM83JM83 Posts: 32
    I had a very obvious bump by 10 weeks! I was a size 8 when I fell pregnant with a very flat stomach and it quickly became a baby bump!! We had to tell lots of people before 12 week scan as it was so obvious! I am now 40weeks + 5 days and am all bump - you wouldn't know I was pregnant from behind. I guess everyone is different. I am really excited about finally getting to meet my baby but will miss my bump! xx
  • busyplanningbusyplanning Posts: 631
    I started to get a bit of a 'podge' at about 14 weeks, I'm now 18 weeks and have a definate bump! It seems to have grown really fast over the past couple of weeks.

    Im trying to decide whether to just go for clothes a size bigger before buying maternity stuff (as it can be expensive!) xxx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    I'm 5"3 and a size 10 and 11 wks. I am sure I have got a little tummy already. is that normal? I have not put on weight, just in the stomach area!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Hi Mubee

    My waist expanded about 10 weeks, no weight gain or anywhere else. Some of last years shorts etc are too tight, got some Maternity ones in the Next sale half price. I just feel I look a bit fat at the moment
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