Coming off the contraceptive pill

Hi all

I just wondered if anyone could help at all.

We are not ttc at the moment but will want to after we get married next June. Ive heard it can take up to 2 years to get the conctraceptive injection out of your system so I came off it at the beginning of March this year. Since then Ive had two AFs- the last one lasted over 3 weeks!!

I just wondered if anyone else had come off the injection and what experiences they have had? Im really worried that ive screwed up my body by being on the injection.


  • In the last 2 years I have been on several types of the pill and 3 different coils!! I stopped taking my pill in early October and due to fertility problems expected to possibly be pregnant before end of 2012

    I actually concieved within a matter of weeks!

    Only tip is if you are going to stop using contraception start taking folic acid- your GP should be able to advise too! Good Luck image
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    Only from my experience I would suggest coming off the pill or injection as soon as possible when you decide to ttc as I am finding out the hard way how long it can take to get your body back to normal!

    I came off the pill at the end of July and I am still awaiting a period!!!

    I have a doctors appointment in 6 weeks (when it will be 6 months off the pill with no period) for them to either prescribe me something to kick start if or for them to start tests to see why I'm not ovulating etc.

    Good luck with it all!x
  • I got back to pretty much regular straight after coming off the pill- (However this is our first month ttc so things could be up that I don't know about!)

    I did here that the implant takes longer as when I went to get my last pill check up about a year ago they offered me the implant but when I said I wanted to ttc in a year they said it probably wasn't a good idea. Not sure about the injection though- Although I have had friends who were on it and went on to have children fairly quickly and easily so thats something!
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    I'm not TTC, but me and h2b are going to see what happens when we are married in August. I was on the pill for about 6 years when I came off it at the beginning of the year. I wanted to give my body a break. I had one AF after I finished the pill (probably withdrawal from the hormones) and then nothing for 5 months. Since then, I have has AF every 30-40 days which is the most regular I have ever been.

    It can take a while for your body to sort itself out and doctors often tell you to give yourself a year, so maybe wait till March and then make an appointment if its not sorted itself.
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    No advice but just to say I'm in the same boat as you - been on Yasmin for 5 years and planning to TTC straight after our wedding in June. Am planning on coming off the pill in March to get my body ready x
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    Im in a similar boat, came off the contraceptive patch in October, and plan to start trying in April, straight after our wedding, but as of yet still haven't had a period, which I'm a little worried about. But plan on getting uber healthy diet and exercise wise and take lots of folic acid whilst waiting for mybody to get back on track!
  • I've only just come off the pill (Yasmin), and will start trying immediately, I've taken breaks from the pill before and got back to normal quite quickly - getting a bit worried now hearing everyone else maybe it won't be so simple second time ?
  • Hi, I haven't come off the pill yet and I'mm wondering when is best to come off. I seem to be changing my mind on a daily basis! We are hoping to try for a baby straight after the wedding. Was thinking of coming off about two months before the wedding - I am thinking it is unlikely I would fall pregant before the wedding and would give my body a few months of a head start to prepare. Has anyone planned a similar thing?

    I'm worried about getting bad skin, or my period on my wedding day, which wouldn't be ideal, but I just can't wait to start being able to try!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Is it best to start taking folic acid as soon as you come off the pill?

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    Hi, i was put on the pill(Yasmin) in August 2011 for 3 months to regulate irregular bleeding after one jab of the Depo Injection. I was so worried and thought i'd messed up my system and didn't know what to expect or if at all it would work when i was done with the last pack.

    I took my last pill on Novemeber 13th, started immediately with Pregnacare Conception and had my withdrawal bleed a couple of days later. My period became pretty regular immediately as AF came as normal on Dec 8th (25 day cycle). I must have ovulated because i got my BFP on Jan 2nd 2012 image
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    Hi Ladies,

    New to this forum as hubby and I have finally started to TTC!woo

    I came off my pill (Yasmin) in Nov and then regulated on Boxin Day! This is the second time this year I've came off the pill and so far so good. Hoping to have my BFP before the summer!

    I suppose it depends on your body as to when you will finally regulate.

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    Hi Ladies,

    I came off my contraceptive in August 2011, I didn't have a period til October, since then my periods have gone back to a 28/29 day cycle.

    We get married in August and until then we are being careful.

    I would advise that if you are thinking of stopping contraceptives earlier, I had been on them 7 years so I will have been stopped a full year when we get married, going to start taking folic acid in june.

    Also it did make my my skin break out which only just seems to have stopped!!

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    The injection is different to the other contraceptives, once taken it can take up to a year to get out of your body, the pill once you stop then you can be fertile straight away but can take some time for periods etc to return or cycles regulate
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