Travel systems that actually fit in the boot of a Mini?

Hello Lovely Ladies!

This might seem a little premature as I don't get married until November this year, but, having recently purchased a new Mini I've since realised that there's very little room in the boot...eeek! I really don't want to sacrifice my lovely little car so soon, so does anyone have any thoughts or advice for me?

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  • Hiya

    Congrats on your forthcoming wedding!

    I don't know what the mini boot is like but I've got babystyle oyster which isn't big folded (I didn't fold it with seat attached though).

    Went out for the day with my friend and she's got the mutsy and we struggled to get it in my husbands car boot (BMW) and when we did there was no room for mine (gott a maclaren stroller now). So wouldn't recommend that!!x
  • wifeyM-n-mwifeyM-n-m Posts: 246
    I think the best bet would be a bugaboo bee- very very small... not sure if it fits in a mini but has the best shot of all of them
  • LittleStar83LittleStar83 Posts: 595
    Hello, I've bought the Quinny Buzz 3 to fit in my Mini, obviously the parcel shelf has to come off and the carrycot will have to go on the back seat but the frame folds up neatly and easily goes in with the seats still up. I really wanted a 3 wheeler which is why we went for the Buzz, there are a few others that do fit in tho!

    There was no way I was giving up my pride and joy image
  • Mr Lee's GalMr Lee's Gal Posts: 283
    Wow, thanks for the advice ladies, its much appreciated!

    Charlotte: Thank you very much, it's so exciting in the lead up to the wedding (nerve wracking though in case we forget things). I'll make a note of the Babystyle Oyster and check it out, thanks x

    Wifeym-n-m: Bugaboo Bee just sounds so cute! Another one worth looking at, thank you.

    LittleStar83: I know some people will think it sounds awful, but I couldn't give up my car either image Thank you for your invaluable advice, when you first start considering babies (like me) you have no idea about anything lol
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Hey I have a new mini and am due in October. I have a loola up which fits folded into the boot, but you have to take the seat off and fold this up too - this also fits in. The car seat to fit this goes not only in the front but also in the back. I also have the windoo cot to attach to it and this miraciously fits into the back seat! x
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Being able to get a car seat in the front is probably a good idea (tho turn off the airbag!)... My little monkey weighed over 18lb at 5 months and trying to lift him and his car seat in and out of a 5 door car was tricky enough, let alone trying to get him into the back of a 3 door car!

    Hope youll be able to keep your car... There was no way I could find a travel system that would've fitted in my pre baby car (a Toyota mr2 convertible) image
  • Mr Lee's GalMr Lee's Gal Posts: 283
    Phew, thanks for all the info!! I had never considered the boot size would be an issue, but thanks to you guys we can now just compare all the different ones you've suggested. Can't get more stress free than that image x
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    When I had my son, I had a Daewoo Matiz (tiny car image ) and the only travel system I could fit in the boot was the Mamas and Papas Aria, although I don't think they make them now, also, the Mamas an Papas car seat was the only car seat that would fit due to the length of the seatbelts!
  • Recaro have just brought out a new all-singing, all-dancing travel system called the Babyzen, which fits in nearly every car going, including the mini! Their website has a list of all the cars it will fit into if you google it. I've been lusting after it as my Mini Dooper is my pride and joy, and hopefully the fact that it's made by Recaro will also please the hubby!! image
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