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TTC - What Vitamins/ Supplements are you taking?

Hi ladies, I was just wondering what vitamins and/or supplements are you currently taking?

I know that 400mg Folic Acid is good to start taking around the time of conception and/or if you are considering trying for a baby, but is there anything else you can have or even that your man can have to help maintain strong, healthy sperm?


Michelle xxx


  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    I took pregnacare conception and hubby took wellman tablets. I also took Vit B6 towards the end, hoping that it would increase the length of time from ov to AF (Luteal phase) and still take VitB6 now and have had no morning sickness and am now 10 weeks+3.

    I would aslo suggest you eat really healthy, get lots of sleep and cut down or stop drinking cafeeine and no smoking. and not hot baths for Hubby.

  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626
    If you have a healthy, balanced diet, then you should be getting all th vitamins and minerals; I personally don't believe in supplements and think they should come from your diet.

    I agree with cutting out/down on caffeine, as well as alcohol of course, quitting smoking if applicable, and eating well; plenty of fresh fruit and veg, lean meat, etc. If you are overweight, you should also be looking to lose weight.
  • im taking pregnacare conception and when and if it happens am planning to move onto pregnacare normal, no luck for me so far but still early days. best of luck! x
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Generally speaking I agree it's better to get your required vits/minerals from food, but I am taking 400mg folic acid because it can be a)hard to get in your diet (if like me you don't eat breakfast cereals, which are fortified with it) and b) not having sufficient folic acid carries high risks for baby.

    Otherwise I'm just cutting down alcohol, caffeine, eating well etc.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    You need to be taking folic acid when TTC as well as once conceived as you won't know conceived until 4 weeks and the folic acid helps prevent against spina bifida right from the start. I was taking just this up to week 11 of pregnancy but have now been so sick and off food I have bought some pregnacare multi-vitamins as I know I am not getting all I need from my food
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Just for info- pregnacare made my morning sickness worse.... But found sanatogen mother to be was better!
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    Thank-you all for taking the time to reply.

    I have started taking Sanatogen Mother To Be supplements and OH is on the Wellman supplements.

    I have a fairly healthy diet including loads of fruit and vegetables (most meals bought fresh and prepared) plus I don't smoke (as I am asthmatic), don't drink tea or coffee (mainly sugar free diluted juices), and as for alcohol sometimes I will have a shandy or a lager/lime.(And the odd choccie bar or crisps!!!)

    As for weight loss i've lost 2st since January and run round most days like a maniac as I'm a carer!

    I want to let nature take it's course but just wondered if anyone felt that taking supplements made them feel better.

    Thanks again!

    Michelle xxx
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