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OH and I are going on holiday for just over a week at the start of September when I will be 29 weeks pregnant (30 on return flight). I have checked airline and they are happy to let me travel with a doctors letter up to 34 weeks and doctor has agreed to write one providing there have been no complications so far. We are going to the Balearics so only a 2 and a half hour flight and staying in family apartment which is fully airconditioned and equipped with dvd player etc etc. People keep commenting on how uncomfortable I will find it and that I shouldn't go but I just wondered what everyone elses thoughts are and if any of you have been or are going a holiday this late? I also have adequate travel insurance to cover me should baby decide to make a very early appearance... x


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    I'm not expecting but saw this and thought I would comment. My friend (she's one of my bridesmaids!) has just been on holiday and she was 28 weeks flying out and 29 coming back - she had the Doctors note with her saying all was ok. She had no problems and was absolutely fine! She wore some flight socks and lots of little things like a neck cushion to make herself comfy and had no complaints. image x
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    im 38+3 now but at 29 weeks i would have felt fine to go on holiday. its a short flight so you should be fine. we went to south africa for 3 weeks when i was 13-16 weeks. much earlier than you and i wasnt showing or anything but it was quite an active holiday (safari, whale watching etc) and it was fine too. i say enjoy!
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    I agree am 38 weeks pregnant now and have just started to feel uncomfortable last couple of weeks u will be fine. so jealous image
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    Thanks for the replies really glad to hear that you all think I'll be fine, it's just a bit of a worry and you know what it's like when family/friends get their opinions in! I don't feel too uncomfortable just now and I know that in 6 weeks I will probably expand quite a bit but hoping the weather will be slightly cooler in September than it is just now over there. As it's a holiday home as well I know that if I can't be bothered doing anything some days I can just chill out on balcony or sofa and take advantage of aircon x
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    My tips would be to move about on the plane, even though it's a short flight, and drink plenty of water during the flight.

    While there, be very careful in the sun (stick to the shade and use a high factor sun cream as burning when pregnant can be dangerous), and be careful with what you eat, esp if you're eating at buffets; stick to things where the risk of food poisoning/a dodgy tummy is very small, and check that things like salads and fruit have been washed with purified water and not tap water.

    Most importantly though, have fun!
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    When I started reading your post my immediate thought was about insurance to cover the baby should it arrive early- which is what my midwife said to me when I asked about a holiday at 28 weeks- but it sounds like you've thought of everything! We decided not to, but I think we would have if we were staying at a home from home...

    Enjoy! X
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    Hiya, I went to Crete when I was 25 weeks in my first pregnancy and the only "problem" I had was bubs didn't wriggle around half as much but I think that was the heat! It was hard to get comfy sat by the pool because I like to turn around and lie on my belly which I couldn't! Sunburn is dangerous for everyone, pregnant or not! You are more like to burn though and some people are prone to patchy pigmentation whilst pegnant and I think the sun can make it worse. Make sure your insurance provider knows you are pregnant and if you have had any problems this pregnancy that you have discussed with midwife/doctor, then it may be best to disclose it incase it negates your insurance if you have to make a claim. It sounds like you'll be self-catering as you're in an apartment so it is all common sense stuff. At the end of the day, the Balearics aren't in the third world and women have safe and healthy pregnancies there all the time, same as Crete, so I wasn't worried about the salads! :S Funnily enough, I'd fractured my hand in Crete 4 years earlier so had been to the hospital there and I was in, x-rayed, bandaged and out within 45 mins! The hospital was cleaner and quicker than the hospitals here so that was one thing I didn't have to worry about! I can't talk for the Balearics, it was 23 years ago since I've been there and I didn't need to see a doctor or anything, but I should imagine it wouldn't be worse than Britain! Oh, and make sure you have a EHIC card! Good luck! image xx
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    Hi Natalie,

    I'm really fair skinned so I always use high factor sun cream when I'm abroad and to be honest I think sunbathing will be out (not that I'm a sunbather anyway) and I'll be happy to sit in the shade reading.

    So far no complications with pregnancy and I called travel insurance company today and they confirmed that all medical attention during pregnancy is covered providing doctor hasn't advised against it. The airline need a letter from my doctor anyway confirming fit to fly so I will have this confirming doctor has given me the green light to go.

    I don't have any firsthand experience of the hospitals in Majorca but my mother in law and uncle have both had treatment in the hospital and both said hospitals were cleaner and better treatment than here! We know exactly where hospitals are as well.

    I think it should be fine, I suppose food hygiene is always a worry but again the restaurants we eat in we've frequented for years without any issues.

    My midwife was telling me about a lady who they have advised not to go to Egypt on holiday and she's gone anyway, I must admit I wouldn't risk going there pregnant - went once a couple of years ago and everyone of us had dodgy tummies! image x
  • Youll be fine ENJOY! One tip about the EHIC card is that they have to be carried on you at ALL times. If you dont have it on you on admission to hospital, they might not take it. Im due Jan and wanting to go on holiday in October. One last holiday before we we take bubs.

    Oooo - one thing while i think of it. I used to be a holiday rep in crete and one of my guests had a baby, she was desperate to find a waterproof nappy so her child could swim. I looked EVERYWHERE for her. No waterproof nappies at all in resort or the local town so when bubs arrives, make sure you take one with you.
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