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Baby Weaning - how are you getting on?

My son Thomas is almost 6 months and I started weaning him around 4 and half months.

Now as he is approaching 6 months they say you need to drop the milk and start to increase the solids. When did you start to change the feeding pattern and what did you do?

Any useful tips will be great!



  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Maria... I'm so sorry I just remembered you emailed me and I forgot to reply... Baby brain kicking in still I think!

    I just went to the drop in clinic to ask the same thing... Noah's currently having 29oz milk, 3-4oz water, porridge and 2 meals of veg a day, one with fruit for pud and one with yoghurt for pud. He woukd definately eat more solids if i Offered it to him! He's 24 weeks today....

    She said what I was doing was perfect and to keep going to 26 weeks when you can add meat/ fish/ wheat etc in then to drop his milk to 18-21oz and up the solids to compensate. He's tracking perfectly along the 91st centile- after jumping up early on!

  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    Hi Maria/Becky,

    According to the Annabel Karmel book you shouldn't drop the amount of milk your baby is having until 7-8 months and between 6-12 months they should still have 500-600ml/18-21 fl oz of breast milk or formula.

  • Hi

    My son is 7 months and daughter 19 months, well almost 8 and 20 (very small gap I know).

    I started letting them taste things from around 3 months and properly started weaning both at 4 months.

    The best possible advice I can give u is to go with your instincts.

    Both of my children eat everything, my son eats meat, toast, vegetables, pasta, rice you name it, he polished off a massive roast dinner the other day. With his milk he has 8oz in the morning 8oz in the evening and i've started reducing an oz every few days of his milk at lunch time and will start to give him cows milk (i did the same with my daughter) so soon he will just have cows milk at lunch as well as water throughout the day. Luckily my daughter loves cows milk but i'm not sure how he will take it, some babies hate it and it can be a real struggle to change them over.

    All yoghurts/cheese any dairy that u feed them through the day counts towards their milk intake so I wouldn't worry too much how many oz they are getting. My daughter was born at 5lb 8 and son 6lb 8 and the health visitors/doctors cannot be more pleased with their weight gain and how healthy they are. They both sleep through and are lovely little things.

    So honestly go with your instincts... put random things in front of them and see how they go with it image

    I think these books and health visitors can sometimes do a great job of scaring u that if u do something early u will poison your child!

    Oh and by the way a HV told me never to bother with follow on milk its a complete waste of money and at 1 your toddler should get enough from his/her diet and cows milk its not needed.

    Ure doing a great job image x x
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Thanks all!

    I am pretty much giving him 4 milk feeds per day, 3 of those is either with porridge and fruit, yoghurt and fruit, veg with baby rice/mash and then his last feed is just milk. His 2nd feed he now takes much later now, before it was anytime from 10.15am now it can be as late as 11.45am but he still wants his lunch time feed at 2.30pm. I think over the next couple of weeks the 2nd/3rd feed will roll into one esp if I start to feed him more solids.
  • bobdibestbobdibest Posts: 295
    Just to correct you health visitors don't scare you about poisoning your child. Years and years of scientific research Shows children are not physiologically ready for food before 6 months and it is that research health visitors train from and then give up to date advice for the best health for children . Years and years of research yet people still think if they have one child they are the experts
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Hi Sarah! I asked the HV about this and she said that books are written in a way that assumes they won't be on 3 full meals of puree until you've been weaning for a month so in that case you'd keep on the same milk, and if you started at 6 months it would be 7-8 months.... Bobdibest- it was actually my HV that suggested weaning Noah early due to the vast quantity of milk he was taking. also, if you actually look at the research there isn't that much evidence of high risk if starting low allergen fruit and vegetables and cereals before 6 months... And there is actually a fair bit of evidence that says there is possibility of risk of deficiency if you leave it too late which can happen if you progress slowly if you leave it til 6 months.... And this was a systematic review of evidence published earlier this year. I may only have one child, but I think given I'm a dietician I felt more than able to read the current evidence and assess the evidence for myself.
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