OH MY GOD BFP!! How on earth did that happen!!!

I am in shock!

Came off my pill in May, first AF after 30 days then nothing, I am 40 days late now and went to doc as been really ill all weekend with a chest infection! Mentioned being late as she put me on anti biotics and she said you could be pregnant and told me to do a test, so I got home and did, but only did one last week that was neg so I just did 2!!!! Hubby has just come in from a night shift so had just gone to bed and is as shocked as me, really wasnt expecting a positive! We are a little shocked!!!!! Phewww!


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    Oh yay! Lovely news image Congratulations!!!
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    Dawn x
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    Congrats that's fab!
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    Congrats to you, just shows sometimes we can test too early.
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    So true but I was so so sure I was just still irregular that it didnt cross my mind, we have had loads on over the last month on weekends etc so drank quite a bit so feel a bit guilty but thats it no alcohol for me!!! Going on hols in 5 weeks hope that will be ok! Shock wearing off now, Im soooo happy!!!! Really thought after 12 years on the pill I would take ages but it took 2 months! And to be honest we werent really putting that much effort in!x
  • huge congratulations!! x
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    Congratulations! I don't think anyone needs to tell you how that happened image
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    Congratulations x
  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    Thanks girls, told my Mum and my bestest and hubbys bestest! So thats enough for now! I want to shout it to everyone! Instead I have a bet wirth everyone saying I am staying in for a month until hols!!! God its so hard to keep it a secret!xx
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