Going Back to Work?

My original plan was to take a full year off work - not returning to at least Feb 2012. Work has got in touch with to ask me if I would consider a maternity cover role (basically it is the first job I held when I joined the company - so I know the job inside out, know the people etc) It will be for 3.5 days, 3 days in the office and half day at home and some weeks there will be flexibility to increase the working from home. This now means I would have to put my son into nursery/childminder much sooner than I thought I would. My parents do not live close enough to help but could probably help the odd day here and there.

My dilemma now is - am I doing the right thing? The two days I will be at home with him are the days I would normally do activities with him such as singing and hartbeeps. Financially either options would break even and I guess the only advantage of going back to work now - is I know the job, the people so hopefully it would be less stressful/demanding. It is also an opportunity to find out if I can continue working in the City - my commute to work is an hour and 15 door to door one way. This would only be for 9 months and my boss has pretty much left it to me to decide what I do after that 9 months.

It would mean going back to work in October but the chances are I would be using some of my keep in touch days before then to handover.

How did you find it going back to work so soon?


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    I haven't gone off yet but for me I will be taking the full year as it isn't time I can get back with my baby again. It really is a personal choice for you I know some people that have gone back to work after 6 months and others that never went back again

    If there is no difference to you financially either way then you really have to decide what is most important to you
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    I took 6 months off with my daughter and I really wish I had taken 9. Financially I couldn't have taken the full year as we got married when she was 3 months old and used up most of our savings on that. My mum looks after her for me while I am working (full time) so I know she is being well looked after but I missed a heck of a lot of her development....first clap, crawling, walking. Its a hard decision to make!!!

    dawn x
  • It's a real toughie, I think if you are breaking even and you will still be offered a job in Feb, then stick to your original plan and enjoy your time with your baby.

    If it's a matter of you want a bit of adult time and you know baby will be well cared for and its a shot at career progression etc, then go for it and don't feel bad- you would be doing it for the good of your family.

    I went back to work p/t when DD was 5 weeks, but fortunately it's a friend's business so I can bring her to work with me, I'm very lucky I know. x
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    If it isn't financially beneficial to go back to work early then I wouldn't. It will be much better for your son to have you at home to invest in his emotional and intellectual wellbeing for as long as possible. As other people have said, babies develop so quickly and it's time you can never get back. In a year's time will you look back and regret staying at home with him or will you regret not going back to work? Good luck with whatever you decide x
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    Thanks all - spoke to my boss tonight who is keen for me to go back. She has suggested compressed working hours which could work and financially will work out much better for me. It is also for 6 months so that makes it more attractive and it is a good test for me to see if I can juggle work and being a mum or if I want to be a mum full-time. My boss is keen for it to work and knows I will not compromise the time I do have with my son so it sounds like it could be worth a go. I know if I was to look for a job locally I am not so sure how flexible they will be - learning about a new company could be more stressful/demanding than knowing a job inside out.

    Fingers cross it works out and thanks all for your feedback.
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