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Hi me and my H2B plan to marry abroad and out little one will be around 2 years 7 months when we aim to go. I am a first time mum and so have no experience of taking him abroad. I was just wondering if any of you have taken your toddlers on a long haul flight before and if so how you coped ?

Any advise much appreciated image

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  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi, I took my son on holiday for the first time when he was 18 months old and he loved it! Now he is 7 he is probably the most well-travelled child that I know! Although I have never taken him on a long haul flight, I have taken him on long short haul flights (if that makes much sense!) the longest being 6 hours.

    Yes, he gets bored, but then again, so do I!

    I pack him a bag with lots of little toys and things to keep him entertained, cars, colouring books, stickers etc, and I also make sure I have plenty of snacks for him.

    It can be quite stressful, but, it is definatley worth it when you see how much they enjoy being in a different country and doing all the fun things that you can do on holiday.
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    I took my 3 year old on a 6 hour flight - packed a bag fall of activity books and his favourite toys and snacks, borrowed his grandads ds and bought a fireman sam game which he loved. They also had some cartoons on the tv which kept him happy. He was fine got a little bit bored the last hour , we thought he would of fell asleep because it was 7.30pm when we landed and when where in the car at home at 6 he normally falls alseep but think he was too excited. Coming back it was 9pm flight so he had his meal and then went to sleep all the way home.

    He loved the holiday we choose a hotel what was geared towards kids but think a pool and the beach would of kept him happy x x
  • We went to Florida in march with our little boy who was then 9.5 months old! He was very good I was dreading it, but it was hard work! At that age they don't watch telly obviously so had to entertain him the whole time with books and toys. The way back was good as it was his bedtime so he had his milk on take off and fell asleep for virtually the whole journey home! Only prob was he was too big for the sky cot so he slept on me!

    We also went to France in the car when he was 4 months old and he was fine for that too. Slept in the car and he lobed the ferry. He thrived on both holidays.

    Withyour child being older it'll be easier I'd imagine so I wouldn't worry they love it!x
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    Thanks for the advise ! you have helped to put my mind at ease. x image
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