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Doc appointment?

Hey girls,

I called docs yesterday to make first appointment with the doc, im approx 5 weeks, they booked me in for 2 weeks time and said its only a quick 10 min appointment?!?! I have read on here he appointments take 1 hour plus so am I supposed to be booking with someone other than the doc?


  • natandbennatandben Posts: 128
    My doctor just asked if I had done a test, i said yes 3 and he said well you're pregnant then, when was your last period, oh you're about 5 weeks then so i'll get midwife to contact you in a few weeks for a booking in appointment! That was it, I left feeling very deflated as I thought there'd be more to it! Midwife then contacted me at 11 weeks and arranged a scan for 10 days later. Midwife did urine sample and took all medical history of me, h2b and both our families on her visit. It was 3 years ago for me so things may be different now but hope this helps x
  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    The initial doc app is dead quick. It is the midwife appointment that takes about an hour. I was told the midwife appointment happens about 8 weeks. I am 7 weeks and have still not been contacted about this yet though.
  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    Oh ok thanks girls!

    See the midwife....never thought I would hear that! Mad still cant get my head around it all!
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    I never even saw the doc at all so don't worry too much about this. I rang the surgery but the receptionist said I didn't need to see the gp, in fact she wouldn't let me make an appointment! The midwife rang me at about 6ish weeks and made my booking in appointment with her for about 9 weeks, and that's the one that took about an hour and a half. Seems crazy I know. But all also perfectly normal from what I can make out. Good luck!
  • Lainey_emLainey_em Posts: 167
    I just went to doc and he booked me midwife appointment and she took it from there. Think I saw midwife at about 8 weeka
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    I went to GP at about 5 weeks, lasted about 5 minutes. He referrred me to a hospital, and I received a letter about 2 weeks letter for my booking appointnent at 10 weeks and my first scan at 13 weeks.

    I have already had my booking appointment, that was with the midwife, took about 1 hours, took lots of blood tests, urine tests, lots of questions, and since I have already been back for another glucose test, as they suspect I may be diabetic. So all good service so far.
  • PJFyffePJFyffe Posts: 142
    I saw my Dr last Thursday at 6 weeks, he told me to book my midwife appointment with receptionist which was yesterday! Thought it would be in a few weeks buy hey ho, guess i was lucky!

    She only took 40 mins but has booked to come to my house and see me next week, she didnt take any blood tests or urine tests!

    I havent had any letters to confirm appointments.

    Every area is different by the sounds of it

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