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Ovulation dates with irregular cycles...

Hi ladies,

Me and my hubby are Not trying, Not preventing but it would be useful to know roundabout when I may be ovulating, however I have irregular cycles i.e they range from 25-28 days. Which means that I cannot get an accurate-ish result from any of the on-line calculators!!

I was just wondering if it was possible to work out ovulation from the last day of your period i.e. when bleed stops ovulation is approximately 10 days later?

Anyone have more information on this?


Michelle xx


  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    Its approx 14 days after the FIRST day of your period bit harder to guess when not regular but should be around then! x
  • Mr Lee's GalMr Lee's Gal Posts: 283
    Chelb, I'm the same as you in that most cycles are between 33-35 days (they can be longer, but then last months was 28 days). We're not trying yet, but we are looking into the ins and outs as we get married in November. Just for my own information I thought I'd work out when I might possibly be ovulating, I made a note of it and then my period came really I've no idea where I'm at now lol.
  • I was the same I wasn't really able to pin point when it was happening. I ended up using ovulation tests, although they are pricey I use the clear blue digital as they are a lot easier to read - you just get a smiley face when you are about to ovulate and it detects your LH surge. I fell pregnant the second month of using them. Unfortunately I mc 7 weeks ago but have just got my first AF and have got the clear blue digi at the ready! x
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hi Chelb,

    I am also irregular at the moment having only come of the pill 3 months ago.

    my cycle has gone from anywhere between 28-36days.

    What im doing at the moment is working off off suggested ovulating dates for both 28 and 36 days so with any luck we wont be too far wrong!???

  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    I was the same but my cycles were much more irregular.

    I found it more useful to look at my bodily changes to find out when I was ovulating. The most obvious sign was cervical mucas. I used ovulation sticks to confirm this (just the cheapy ones from Amazon). I did this for a few cycles before we started ttc, just to get the hang of my own body.

    We were like you, not exactly trying but not preventing. It took ONE time image Quite a shock but we're both very happy.

    Good luck.
  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride
    I'm the same, came off the pill in January & my cycles have been anything from 29-42 days!

    You should ovulate 14 days before your AF so the advice is to minus 14 days from your shortest & longest cycle to determine when ovulation may occur. (so for me.. anything between day 15 & day 28) Like someone said, cervical mucus is easy to spot & also try the ovulation sticks, they have put my mind at rest as at least I know i'm ovulating.
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    Well I've added another thread to TTc and puttign on a few links that may help to plan a baby.

    Still in the NTNP team and really just want to let things happen naturally.

    I'm a BIG believer that if it's meant for you it will happen.

    Good luck girls!

    Hope the links help!!!

    Michelle xxx
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