New to TTC - advice needed please

Hi all,

I am new to TTC and after some advice please!

Basically I came off the pill (after almost 9 years of continued use) on the 23rd June. I had my normal withdrawal bleed on the 27th - 29th June, then on the 20th & 21st July I had light brown /pinkish discharge (sorry if tmi), then nothing - I think this possibly was implantation bleeding?

Over the past couple of days I have had the occassional discomfort on the right side of my abdomen. Was expecting AF to arrive this Monday (25th) however she has not. I took a test today and it is negative so I am really confused and now wondering where my period is!

Any advice/ opinions would be gratefully received!


  • PJFyffePJFyffe Posts: 142
    Hi Flossy17,

    It could be that potentially you are not due your period yet - I was always a regular 28 day cycle before i went on the pill but when i came off it i had my withdrawal, then didnt get my next AF for 32 days.

    Had nothing in between and got my BFP on day 29 of that cycle.

    Sometimes if your body doesn't "think" you are due on yet you may have tested too early, especially as you have only been off the pill just over a month........

    Good luck though, try testing again in 2-3 days and see what happens then

  • PBubsPBubs Posts: 333
    Wow how quick that was for you PJFyffe!!

    I had my final pill period last week and just starting to get pains today so my withdrawal will probably come tomorrow.

    PJFyffe did you count the withdrawal as a period or count your days from the proper period before that?

  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    Learn from me and dont test too early! I came off pill end of May, had withdrawl like normal a few days later, first proper AF 30 days later then I was still waiting 41 days later for 2nd AF, well DUH! It wasnt coming as I had caught! Didnt think for a second I would so basically had first AF then caught on my first ovulation! Never believed that could happen so def check again if nothing has happened within 14 days of being late! xx
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    May have been too early to take a test yet hun. Try again at the weekend.

    Good Luck!!!

    Michelle xxx image
  • Flossy17Flossy17 Posts: 289
    Thanks all for your advice! I shall see how things go and if still nothing next week will test again! x
  • PJFyffePJFyffe Posts: 142
    That was 2nd month TTC, sounds like it was the same for NewMrsDavies!

    No i didnt count my withdrawal as a period - so only had one proper one and then caught image

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