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3 negative tests but still no period!

Hi ladies havent posted on here for a while but wondered if you could give me some advise?

I came off the pill in february and up until june my periods have be regular...june no period just very very light spotting for 2 days and now nothing!

I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and all said negative image

Is it worth going to see the doctor? I have felt sick a few days but thats it no other symptoms..will the doctor do another test? and if its negative what will the doctor do then?

Im just worried that if I am pregnant (although it would be great) Im not doing what i should be doing..taking vitamins, not drinking etc

any help would be great...thank you image


  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    Have you passed the date that your period would normally be due? Is it a possibility you may have tested too early?
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Hi if you are TTC at all you need to be taking folic acid. When would AF have been due? I would possibly go see Dr if it doesn't arrive and you still get BFN
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