Annual leave whilst on Maternity Leave


Just wondered if anyone would know/could help.

My company shuts down over Christmas, days vary each year. When speaking to HR they told me I would still need to take these days that the company is shut down (4 I think) from my annual leave entitlement? Surely if i am on Maternity Leave (which should start October time) I shouldn't have to use my annual leave?



  • gemmacaidengemmacaiden Posts: 237
    No you shouldn't not if your on maternity leave, also in my company any bank holidays which take place when your on maternity you should get these back as well , i did not realise this when i was on maternity and never claimed them back. Hope you get it sorted our x
  • BeauvallonBeauvallon Posts: 217
    You accrue all your annual leave whilst on mat leave so they cannot deduct for these days
  • No they can't do that, holiday entitlement remains the same whilst on maternity. We have 23 days...20 to take throughout the year, 3 to save fir Christmas shutdown. Whilst I was on maternity there were 4 bank holidays so I had 27 days to take from jan 1st to when I started maternity mid may. There are loads of websites that will be able to help, and citizens advice if they cause you probs!x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We are allowed to take annual leave whilst on maternity leave, some of the girls did to boost their money when they got to just SSP. Others saved it. But I don't see how they can make you take leave for a Christmas shut down when you are not there
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