Why do I feel like this!

I had a miscarriage last september, H2B's sister just had a baby and I feel so emotional, I can;t even bear to go shopping to buy the baby something. Why am I feeling like this - and now of all times? Just needed to tell someone, Can't really talk to anyone that would understand. image


  • 2010MrsR2010MrsR Posts: 69
    im sorry that you're having a crappy time and feeling this way image

    I have no advice to offer but did not want to read and run. I hope things get better for you. Im certain that it's totally 'normal' to feel that way that you do given the circumstances. x
  • alanna88alanna88 Posts: 164
    Thank u Mrs R, really hate feeling this way. I know my time will come to have a baby but just cant help thinking what if! image
  • honestly hun, we have all felt like that at some point. you just have to try to remain positive, and boy i know thats hard!! it will definately be your turn soon.

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