Mamas & Papas Designer Outlet Store - Mcarthur Glenn, East Mids


Has anyone been to the Mamas & Papas Outlet Store - Mcarthur Glenn, East Mids?

If so do you know if this is any cheaper than the general Mamas and Papas store?

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  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Hi they had a sale on when I went two weeks ago so it was considerably. They had the luna mix carrycot on sale for £35 instead of £70 for example. Its not massive if you are looking for something in particular it might be worth calling them first to ask if they have what you want in to stock and the price. I think generally its not that much cheaper. x
  • Lainey_emLainey_em Posts: 167
    its really small but they do have some good bargains we bought bedding for cot for 70% off and some babygros its got end of the line ranges. Not worth travelling a huge distance for though
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    I've not been to that one but I've been to the one in Stoke and as the others have said they didn't have loads of stuff there. If it was nearer I'd go again but otherwise I'd save the petrol money. You could get really lucky cos there are bargains to be had but in my experience it would be a case of getting lucky, rather than it being a brilliant must visit place. x
  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    I've not been to that particular store but like you I went to the Stoke one and bought all of my nursery furniture from there and travel system - saved an absolute fortune. I know they have deliveries to the stoke store every Tuesday and Thursday and its best to phone them on those days to have specific items saved for you - which they will happily do. It's not a large store but they do usually get the item you want in at some point and they will price match if you take proof of the price with you.
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Oo, that's a good tip. I went on a Wednesday and the store was bare but that was obviously the worst day to go! I happened to be passing so it was an off chance thing so nothing ventured, nothing gained (or lost in this case!) so I think if the OP rings the store at McArthur Glen first she'll be sorted. Good luck! x
  • busyplanningbusyplanning Posts: 631
    Thanks for your replies.

    We'll maybe keep our eye out and see what we want nearer the time and call to check they have it.

    Thanks xx
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