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Is anyone else suffering!?

I'm having really bad sickness (and diarrohea!). It eases off for a week or two and I just have nausea. Then all of a sudden I get a few days of literally being sick/going to the loo every half an hour and it doesn't stop for two or three days! just coming to the end of a bout of it, had 2 days off work sick. I am 12+2. Just had an email from my boss having a go at me image Feel really sick and really miserable and although I feel bad saying it, I am not enjoying being pregnant right now. Please reassure me I'm not the only one!?

Siani x


  • ihavegoblinsihavegoblins Posts: 607
    hi hun, when i was preganant with my daughter i was sick all the 9 months ( used to be sick as walking to work and people would watch image ) . so i know how you feel make sure you keep drinking lots and it may also be a good idea to let your midwife team that you are feeling like this. with the nausea i would recomend the travel sickness wrist bands and sniffing a lemon cut in half ( sounds abit strange but it helped me feel better ) hope you feel better soon hun x.
  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745
    Oh dear poor you. I haven't been sick, but at 12+5 I'm still nauseous off and on - and right now really regretting not wearing travel sickness bands when picking my friend up from seems my tolerance for car rides is about 10 minutes without them!

    I don't have an upset stomach but if it makes you feel any better i went to the loo during every single advert break of 'britain's got talent' the other day! My main problem is tiredness..I could just fall asleep at work!

    If you have sickness and diarhoea (cant spell it) you could try taking those sachet things to at least make sure you stay hydrated

    Hope you feel better soon
  • RhianukRhianuk Posts: 659
    I can sympathise on the symptoms front. I am 11+3 and have had sickness (on the way to work - I work in the City and everyone was watching me throw up during morning rush hour. I was mortified - I looked like I'd had a night on the razzle and just couldn't handle my booze), fainting on the way to work on the train and having to ask someone to give up their seat and scrambling for my ever-to-hand sick bag (again, with everyone watching) and horrible nausea. Not had the diarrohea thouggh - maybe that is to come! I'm also burping all the time - nice!

    I would certainly tell your midwife or doctor how you have been feeling. They may be able to recommend something other than the things the girls have mentioned.

    Good luck.
  • daniellepiledaniellepile Posts: 150

    Isn't it reassuring to know we are all normal as we have similar symtoms, I am only 6 weeks and feel sick as a dog :\( and starving all the time which isn't such a bad thing as I can eat loads my favourite pass time! image

    I was told ginger biscuits help so I have a packet by the bed and I think it does help a bit and they taste good :\)

    Hope your all feeling better soon

  • SianWoolawaySianWoolaway Posts: 223
    Thank you for your reassuring replies!

    Seen my doctor twice and he just says as long as I'm keeping down fluids, he is not concerned as it's a sign that hormones levels are high, etc. he says if I can't keep down fluids I need to go to hospital to be rehydrated but that's it.

    back at work today (I'm a teacher) and have already had to run out of class to throw up 4 times.

    I can't face food as I know I will meet it coming up the other way! But my stomach is empty and sore from all the sickness so just keep drinking water... Going to try some plain biscuits or bread at lunchtime to see if that helps.

    I have tried to ginger biscuits in the morning, I just throw them straight back up!! Lol. Going to try drinking ginger ale or ginger squash instead. Might also try those anti-nausea wristbands to see if that helps.

    really wish I could curl up in a ball under my duvet! Hope you're all feeling ok

  • im 8 weeks today yay! i too have been feeling so sick unlike you though i havent actually been sick but new development is i have just started getting diarrohea! i've not been able to eat much since i got pregnant as everything makes me feel i'll because of this i then developed a pain in my side so i got sent for an early scan 2 days ago and say my little bump fine and dandy the scan man as i call him said not to worry about my diarrohea and was a normal symptom hope this helps kay xx
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