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pregnancy after ectopic??

Hi! -Don't post a lot as you will see but just wanted a little advice. Had an ectopic pregnancy 3 weeks ago, had only known for a week that I was pregnant when I started bleeding and I knew immediately that it was different to the bleeding I had with my 2 other pregnancies. Dr arranged scan at EPU for 2 days later to confirm if I was miscarrying. 2 days later (morning of the scan) I woke up in agony and v. nearly went to a&e but decided wouldn't be able to get there any quicker than getting to my scan appt.

Anyway was ectopic and one of my fallopian tubes had ruptured so that had to remove it along with the pregnancy. During surgery they found both my tubes badly damaged due to infection but docs said the damage has been ongoing for at least 10 years image

My initial thought after surgery was that I would not want to try and get pregnant again as didn't want to risk going through the same - docs said if they had seen me 3-4 hours later I would have been fighting for my life - and I already have 2 children. However docs said they would not advise against getting pregnant again but I would need to go to my GP same day or next day after getting BFP so they could arrange scan at EPU within 24 hours to determine if pregnancy was another ectopic or normal. If they found it to be ectopic I would be kept in hospital and monitored (as I might naturally miscarry without the need for intervention) or they would intervene before my remaining fallopian tube ruptures.

I now really want to TTC again (not immediately was thinking after xmas) but I need to see how hubby feels. Part of me wants to ask him now just so I know if we both want the same but another part of me does not want to ask now in case he says definitely NOT wanting to TTC. Not sure if I'm ready to hear that yet. Just wondering if any other ladies have been in same position and when were you ready to make your decision either way???

Thanks for reading. x x


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    Not been in the same position but I think knwoing a friend who's had 3 ectopics I would leave it there, especially as you have two kids already. x
  • thank you for taking time to read and reply. Had a chat with hubby a few days after posting this and he said he does not want to try again - I was distraught for a few days but then common sense kicked in. I do have 2 happy healthy boys that we can provide for. And it hit me as well that this could have turned out very differently - I might not be here and it would be too selfish to risk (albeit quite a small risk) my boys not having me. Another thing as well is that WE are making the decision not to have any more children whereas if we were to try again and I had another ectopic that required surgery I would not be able to naturally have any more children and I don't like the idea that the choice will have been taken away from me if that makes sense.

    Anyway I've started rambling. xx
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    It totally makes sense, at least now it is your decision and not fate! So sorry for what you have been through, but as you said you need to be here for your boys. xx
  • May I put another opinion out there. I've had a sterilisation reversal done in June. There is a high risk of Ectopic pregnancy due to the nature of the procedure. If you are at risk, like me, they will monitor you very very closely. My nurse who was looking after me had an ectopic too and like you had a tube removed. She had an unexpected but very much wanted successful pregnancy and had no problems whatsoever. Don't take the decision lightly. Give yourself time to recover physically and emotionally then speak to your Doctor or Gynae consultant to ask their professional opinions. So sorry to hear of your loss though Emma and hope you make a balanced and reasoned decision based on all of the facts. I wish you all the best whatever you choose to do hun x image
  • Thank you ladies for taking the time to respond image . Hayleymarie6 what you have said is exactly what I said to my husband - if I was to get pregnant again I was told to go straight to GP so they could arrange urgent scan at EPU (within 48hrs of positive test) so that if it was found to be ectopic again they could at least intervene before the tube was to rupture. But we have both now agreed no more children for now but we have not ruled out it completely. Not going to do anything permanent as if our cirx. were to change (winning the lottery for example!!!!) then we may change our minds.

    Thank you again and to those that are TTC - good luck.

    x x
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