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Due May 2012

I don't want to jinx things by starting a thread but I'm keeping positive about this pregnancy and would love to hear from others also due in May!

How are everyone's symptoms so far?

I've had a few cramps and I'm really tired in the evenings but can't sleep. When I do I have really vivid dreams. Also I'm need to go to the toilet all the time! Bit worried that I've not had sore boobs yet but maybe that will come later. No sickness yet just bloating.


  • New Mrs P our bean is due on 4th May 2012! We are so excited but i am so bnnervous, i am fretting at the slightest twinge.

    This is our first, he/she is a honeymoon baby. I wouldnt worry about not having sore boobs, mine aren't overly sore at the moment. So i'll be 6 weeks on Friday, and so far my symptoms have been nausea (not actually been sick though), pains in my tummy (Dr says this is bean bedding in so completely normal), mega headaches and sleep sleep sleep! I feel sorry for my husband, becaause i am falling asleep at 9 pm at the moment!!

    We have only told our parents, and I have told my managers at work. Have you told many people yet? x
  • Oh and the Dr was very nice but did say that a midwife would only contact me when i am 10 weeks, just in case the worst happens in the meantime image
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    Yay I'm not alone! lol.

    I keep fretting over twinges too. This is our first baby but second pregnany as I had a mc in June. I'm not letting it get me down though and I'm still as excited and nervous as ever!

    We've told our parents but that's it for the moment.

    I've been putting off heading to the doctors, might book an appointment next week. The doctor said the same to me last time but the midwife actually saw me at 7 weeks so you never know.

    Do you think you'll find out what you are having? I know its very early but me and hubby are already talking about whether its a boy or girl!
  • You aren't alone - although not many people seem to be expecting in May - have you seen April's thread - its massive!! Have a good read of it as they have just gone through what we are about to go through i think; i already recognise some of the things they are talking about.

    We keep wondering what we are having, and hubby would prefer to know, but he says hes not that fussed as hed really only want to know for practical reasons. I want the big surprise. I think if you know what it is then when it arrives it will just be "yay, here is the baby boy/girl we knew we were expecting" and although it would still be exciting, i want the "oh my god its a girl/boy moment"! I love that part! So i think i will win and we wont find out!

    Im so sorry to hear about the MC, fingers crossed this little one will stick around hey!

    Have you worked out your due date?
  • Hi ladies

    I'm a regular lurker and occasional poster on here but set up a new profile as I have a few friends who use the site!

    I got a BFP last night, we got married in march and I came off the pill in April once we were back from honeymoon. Still not quite sunk in yet! And don't feel very pregnant...

    Going by my last period (& regular 28day cycles) and all going well I'm due on the 11th of may x
  • Hi ladies, congratulations to you all!

    I've just got back from the doctors and I'm due 5th May, so excited image
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    Shellycrook2b...I want the big surprise too! I think it will help me get through the labour and it will be fun having everyone trying to guess. I think I'm due 10th May.

    Congratulations Expecting 123!!

    At least there are a few of us now and will keep my fingers crossed for those still waiting to do their tests.

    If it's easier than typing NewMrsP all the time just call me Kate.
  • And call me Shell - i guess it is easier and i hope that we will be chatting on here for at least another 8 months so first name terms is only right!!!

    Expecting 123 congratulations - that's brilliant news. We only found out last Wednesday and it still hasnt sunk in, i dont want to believe it in case something happens - so dont worry, it probably wont sink in for weeks yet!!

    PP Roses you are due the day after me - woohoo! It is so exciting. My cousin is getting married on 5th May 2012 so who knows whether i will make it to the wedding!

    Kate you defo need to get to see your Doctor, then that's one thing done. They might even want you to see the MW early which will be good for you and hubby because it might put your minds at rest

  • I'm Gillian image

    I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow, I'm on medication you can't take when your expecting so need to see him sooner rather than later. Have you guys told anyone? We're keeping it a secret for now! We also won't be finding out what we're having, I think it's amazing that my husband will be the first one to see what we get!

    We are due to have 3 weddings between June and July next year! Busy time x
  • We are keeping it a secret for now...even my best friend doesnt know, and I am finding it hard not telling my brother or hubbys brother and sister because they will all be made up, but we have said that we are doing it for Bean's sake. We dont want to risk jinxing anything, plus if something bad happens its just more people to tell the bad news to!

    Im so excited though....even been looking at prams online - god they are expensive!!
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    Looks like we are all on the same page with not finding out if it is a boy or a girl. I want my hubby to be the one to tell me. I think it will give him a purpose at the birth and make it a lot more exciting for him. He's also very traditional and doesn't think we should find out.

    Shell - You're right, not point avoiding the doctor. At least then I will know when the booking appointment is and prepare for the blood sample image Not the biggest fan of needles!
  • You can call me Tam if you like image

    We've told my parents, thay are completely over the moon, it will be grandchild number eight for them! Going to tell hubby's parents tonight and our sisters soon but are going to wait to tell other people.

    Both of us want to know if it's a boy or girl mostly for practical reasons but also because we both can't wait to find out!

    I have heavy achey b00bs, odd twinges and back ache today, I;ve had mild nausea come and go but no actual being sick yet.

    My sister is also pg and due in March so we are going to go through everything together, both with bumps for christmas image
  • Kate the doctor's appointment is easy, mine just told me my due date (earlier than I expected!) took my blood pressure, refered me to the midwife and is booking me into my choice of maternity hospital. I hate needles too so I'm not looking forward to the blood tests either but I'm told it's no big deal and much easier and less painful than a vaccine (we shall see!)
  • Im so scared of needles too...i remember having a vaccination at high school, is it the TB thing where they do one needle to see if your immune, and then another needle if you're not? Anyway, i had to be held down for the first needle because i kept trying to run away!!!! Big softy!

    Im petrified and will definitely need either mum or hubby with me when i have bloods taken. Im sure bean will be worth it!

    My b))bs are sore too, and that hasnt really happened until today and its sooo painful! I think id rather feel sick!

    Dare I ask if any of you have even thought of any names?
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    I've been through the booking appointment before. There is only 1 needle but they take a few vials of blood. It was ok but I always get scared and work myself up before I have blood taken!

    Tam - It's so good that you have your sister going through the same thing and slightly ahead of you too so she can let you know what your in for!

    Shell - I've had my names picked out for ages. They might change along the line but so far they are Imogen for a girl and Arthur for a boy. (I realise Arthur is an old fashioned name but I think its sooo cute)

    Anyone else thought of names even at this early stage?
  • Those are both lovely names, Arthur in particular! So far we've only been able to agree on Mia for a girl and Finn for a boy image
  • Well your all miles ahead of me! Ive no idea what's coming! What's a booking appointment? What do they take bloods for?! I feel a bit lost! You guys seem to have really done your homework! I just fell pregnant lol! Nah we were trying but just put it to the back of my mind!

    I like Isla Rose for a girl and Charlie for a boy but not discussed it with my husband. He wants to wait until first scan until we plan anything!x
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    Mia & Finn are lovely names!

    Gillian - Don't worry. I know a bit more because I made it to 10 weeks last time but sadly then miscarried. I'm also a bit of a geek and have bought a million pregnancy books!

    A booking appointment is the first appointment you have with your midwife. It takes about an hour and she will take blood to make sure you are healthy and there are no underlying problems. She will ask lots of info and ask you which hospital you'd like to give birth in. I guess she 'books' your labour in a way.

    This site is great if you have any questions, so many people to help and give advice
  • Ladies they are all lovely names. I like the old fashioned names - they are becoming increasingly not old fashioned!

    I do the same thing, getting myself worked up before i have a needle, because afterwards i always find myself saying it wasnt that bad!! I actually annoy myself to be honest, i wish i could just deal with it.

    We can not agree on a boys name - i love William and Oliver, but he keeps saying no to everything i suggest but not coming up with his own suggestions - typical man!

    For a girl we both like Ellie Mae, but bean is a honeymoon baby and we think we would call it Siena if its a girl because that was one of the places we visited whilst in Italy for our honeymoon- just not sure about what middle name would go with it...hmmm...
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    Oh and forgot to say lovely names too. Charlie was my fave boys name but someone I know took it first!
  • Oh thanks Kate! So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, good luck with this pregnancy, wish you a very happy and healthy 8 months!

    Ok, I'm hoping doctor will explain more tomorrow! I don't even know where to start! My mum had a really good baby book when we were little but we haven't told her yet so I can't ask for it!

    Ah ok, thanks for that! My mum had 3 miscarriages, do I need to know the details of them to tell the doctor or midwife? I'm beginning to feel completely out of my depth... I don't think I've done my homework well enough! Is this your first?x
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    Yes it's my first..eeek! You don't need to do any homework, everything will be explained to you as things progress. At this early stage there isn't much to do. Its just the long long wait for the 12 week scan.

    I doubt they will ask about details of miscarriages. Most of the time there is no explanation. I think I was asked if my mum or any siblings had a premature labour.

    I've got a wedding on saturday. Trying to think of excuses for not drinking!
  • My doctor gave me a booklet with a timeline that shows what tests/scans etc are done when and indepth info about blood test etc

    I have just bought Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Dr Philippa Kaye, it's very informative I can definately recommend it image
  • Hi everyone, mind if I join you?...though I'm still actually deep in disbelief at the clear BFP this morning! From a quick google of dates my EDD is 14/05.

    I'm still having a bit of spotting (deciduous bleeding?)which is worrying me a little. Trying to keep calm and repeat the mantra - what will be will be (and currently questionning my bravery / foolishness at joining a "Due in" thread!

    Congrats to all of you! x x
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    Congratulations Glitter333...welcome to the thread. Everyone is in the same exciting but terrifying situation and its good to have people to talk to.

    From everything I have read spotting is completely normal at this stage.

    Will this be your first baby?
  • Thanks NewMrsP. Yes, first baby - though it feels so strange to even read that the question being asked to me!

    Hubby and I were really both at the point where we thought it wouldnt ever happen after more than 2 years off the pill. I think this is why it's taking so long to sink in.

    From my quick read of the posts it looks as if most of us are first-timers. I'm really looking forward to a bit of chat and company with this incredible secret image
  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    2 you must be over the moon. I don't know where I'd be at the moment without this thread, its nice to have people to talk to who are going through exactly the same.

    I feel rubbish today. Soooo tired, got a headache and feel a but sick. I feel like I've got a bad hangover which isn't fair because I can't drink! I didn't get this last time though so I'm hoping it's a good sign and I've got a keeper

  • Congratulations glitter! It's so great to have people to talk to, I think my husband is fed up of me talking about the baby already!! X
  • Bless - That's exactly how I feel - the hangover-type feeling. Sorry to hear about your experience last time but I'm very happy to get on board with your theory that there's a positive meaning behind feeling rubbish!!

    I called in sick today and feel like a real flake especially as I rarely have time off for illness and find it hard to lie! In honesty it was more that I just didn't feel as if I could pull myself together and get in first thing this morning.

    On the subject of not drinking, how will you play it with excuses and telling friends? I'm really keen not to tell people til MUCH further down the line but with lots of my friends it would be very noticable for me to not have a drink ... oh the lies again! I'm thinking lots of work committments and driving..
  • Thanks Expecting and I can imagine my husband will get to that point too without too much trouble - men just dont seem to have the same need to talkor understand talking for talking's sake! I think his desperation point will really come when there's any discussion of buying stuff.....

    At the moment he is mix of dazed confusion/ shock/excitement which is quite cute!
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