Group B Strepococolus

Think thats how you spell it! During a swab test for thrush a couple years ago I was told I have this so will need antibiotics or something whilst in labour ad it can cause all sorts of serious problems for the newborn if pased on. Anyone know anything about this or have it themselves. I aren't even pregnant yet so they wouldn't give me advice on it but just being my usual worrying self. xx


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    I just know that it can be passed onto the baby during childbirth so they watch you carefully for it and will test baby when born!!! At least if i've been listening properly to baby programmes then thats it!!! good luck x
  • sarahharveysarahharvey Posts: 707
    Hiya, it's really really common. I believe when you go into labour you have to go in as soon as it starts so that they can put you on a drip/give you correct medication in time before baby is born. Dont worry!!! xx
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    Thank you both. I am having a worrying day! Been reading some horror stories and it gets on your mind you know. Perhaps after the move I'll be a bit more chilled. Funny because I do feel happy and pretty calm but my mind keeps wandering off to the land of 'What If' x
  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    quick tip here, never look anything like this up on the internet because you always find the horror stories and not the nice ones x
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    Hey. Try not to worry about it. Its very possible you're negative now anyway. Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a bacteria carried by around 20% of pregnant women and is usually harmless to both mother and baby. In very rare cases though it can cause babies to be severely unwell (sepsis: worrying signs might be that baby is hot, overly irritable, short of breath or having lots of pauses in her breathing, not feeding well, excessively drowsy or floppy, vomitting excessively).... Intravenous antibiotics are sometimes given to the pregnant mother if she goes into early labour (
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    Do I detect an obstetrician/paediatrician/midwife there?! Where do you work?
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    knwo tat the strep test cn be bought in oots if you wanted to double check again. It can be dangerous for the baby and the mother, but the main thing is knowing that you have it, because if you know you have it, it can be treated. I think there is a lot of campaigning at the moment to make this test available on the NHS to pregnant women. I personally think that this should be done do that lives can be saved
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    Ah right thank you. I agree it should just be a routine test for all. xx
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