Embaressing allergy

I am allergic to semen.

I aren't even joking! Found out last week. It can make concieving very difficult so feeling bit anxious at the moment. Luckily though the last two times I haven't had any symptoms so who knows. Just wanted to share and get it off my chest!


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    Oh no!!! Sorrry to pry but how did you discover this? eek!
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    When we stoped using condoms after about a year of going out and I went on the pill. I get severe burning senstation and it bleeds sometimes. Kept being misdiagnosed with thrush but it is so much more painful than that. Hoping it has somehow stopped as it hasnt been half as bad recently, just stung a bit. Such a ridiculous thing to be allergic to! xx
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    Not a ridiculous thing at all, i read somewhere that Marc Almond (tainted love fame) was allergic to his partners sperm too, had a anaphylactic shock when he was erm ....... giving head (sorry no easier way to say it). All embarrassed now. Anyway, is there no sort of cream you can use as a kinda barrier? I know nothing about this im afraid! sorry x
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    I shouldn't laugh but couldnt help myself! It's not that bad thank goodness. I can erm...yeah you know..without any probs. There used to be something called Acigel that you had to squirt up just before sex but apart from being the most unsexy thing possible they stopped making it! It wouldn't prevent my body from killing of the sperm as a reaction to to allergy anyway. Been told we have to try naturally for at least a year before they considered helping us. Took ages for them to diagnose it in the first place so I'm dubious about the doctors round here. xx
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    Well at least I made you laugh!!!! I'd just go ahead and have fun, be spontaneous!! I bet it is difficult to diagnose though, especially as i guess people could be having a reaction to the soap their partner uses or summat like that! Sorry x
  • Hi Jules.

    When I was with my ex I used to get the same symptoms - throughout the two years I was with him I was diagnosed with cystitis, trush, Pelvic Imflamatory disease - I had every test under the sun including blood tests and scans - an no-one could work out what was wrong. Anway we split up and when i got with my h2b I was dreading the first time wihtout condoms but I was fine and never had anything in the 2.5 years we've been together. It was suggested when I was with my doctor not long after me and my ex split up that I ws allergic to his little swimmers.

    Appartenly it's more common than you think. It just so happens I was allergic to one but not the other.

    So I know how you feel.

    Hayley x
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    now that's the best way of fate telling you you've found the right man that i've ever heard!
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    OMG I have never heard of this before! crikey we all know you dont swallow hee hee (sorry)

    This may sound silly but what about trying piriton? surely that should help with all allergies - even the unusual ones?

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    I always do Jinxy Otherwise it's just rude isn't it? lol! Think it's just if it touches my outer fanjite parts not my insides or skin. (okay thats far too much detail.lol) Thanks Hayley, makes me feel more normal to know I aren't the only one.
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    hee hee jules I know your plight is not funny I cant help giggling at your description.

    what about lubricant this stuff is sperm friendly and a coating of it may protect you at the same time you never know!! http://www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk/acatalog/Pre-Seed.html

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    Hi Jules

    Just to add to Jinxy's bit about pre seed lubricant it also supposed to help with conceiving a baby as the lubricant is supposed to mimic sperm friendly mucus to help those little swimmers get to the right place.

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    Thanks for the tip Jinx though I have to say the name of it is a bit minging! lol. Sounds like a gardening thing. I must stop being so childish, sorry. hee hee! It's certainly worth a go. xxx
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