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Day 30 upset tummy and eBay bfn

Ok so I'm now on day 30 of my cycle which is late for me! I have used eBay tests and got bfn, had an upset stomach and very saw chest. I'm confused with the bfn but no period?! Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance x image


  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Did your upset tummy and sore chest present itself before you missed AF or after?

    Stress and illness can delay things...but it AF still hasnt arrived in a few more days try testing again


  • The tummy only happened yesterday and it stopped after an hour or two. Now on day 30 and no signs of af apart from increasingly sore chest image thanks for replying image xx
  • Have you been to the Dr for a blood test?
  • No not yet as I am only a few days late, I'm going to hold on until weds and if I still have no answers I'll be going to the doctors x
  • Still not too sure waht's going on. I have started to bleed brown blood today. Sorry if tmi! My chest is still sore and swollen. I haven't tested since Sunday and that wsn't a first morning urine.

    I take it this is just a strange period!
  • Well what I think was my period showed on day 33. It was a bit shorter than the normal lenght but the same amount of blood (sorry) it then abruptly stopped after 5 ddays (usually I bleed/ have discharge for longer than that!!) Sothat was on Sunday evening/ monday morning it had stopped. My f and I DTD on Tues night (last night) and now the brown discharge has appeared. Not v much- it was there when I wiped this morning. Not sure what's going on. image
  • hlg81hlg81 Posts: 107
    Do you still have the other symptoms disappeared? Do you have any tummy pain? Is the brown bleeding continuing? It all sounds a little odd, and is probably just a strange period. However if you have pain and/or continued bleeding you should repeat the pregnancy test and see your GP asap if positive; for a scan. If its negative then you can probably put it down to an odd period. Although if you are worried you should see your GP anyway.
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