How Often??

Sorry if someones already asked this and if the answer is obvious but how often is it best to have sex when trying for a baby? I know it's as often as you can but poor hubby is worn out bless him and everytime a night go past where we don't have sex I think it's going to mean we won't concieve this month. We made sure there was lots when I was ovulating and just about to but is it best to have sex every other day? We have a pretty good sex life anyway but when we weren't trying there would sometimes be a few days in between if Hubby was working late. What do you think? xx


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    Thank you image Who are on Baby expert? Would they mind if you said? Or maybe I hould post the question in case they mind. It'd be good to have some people I know already in a baby site. xx
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    I'm on baby expert.. same user name..keeps it simple image
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    I'm sure I read somewhere that every 2 days is best, because too often and there is less concentration of sperm? As long as you're having fun doing it, I guess it doesn't really matter!!

    Going for a trip to Baby Expert.............

    Corinna x
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    Ohh Jules i've been thinking of you...... Just to say all the best with your plans... you must be a very busy lady... moving house, in bed and coming down after the wedding... no wonder no late night chats! H x x
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    lol. You're right Holly. Though I am still on late sometimes. Getting back into it lately (the site that is!)

    Another stupid question...If you only ovulate once a month and can predict that with a test, how come it's possible to get pregnant at other times? If there's no egg being released then it's not possible. Or am I really wrong. Starting to think the biology bit of my sex Ed must've been crap! xx
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    we did it every night for a week from day11 onwards cos you ovulate around about day 14 although everyone is different. I am on baby expert just so you know!
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    I think I saw a post from you in there on 'getting pregnant section and replied (though my advice wasnt very good sorry) I did the stick things that tell you when you're about to ovulate and I knew just before they told me anyway so think we hit the right time. Don't feel pregnant though. xxx
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    Hi Jules,

    I just did it as often as we could when the stick showed I was about to ovulate for a bout a week after but it wa quite easy as we were on honeymoon ;\) image

    I also for a copule of the times put my legs in the air just for 5 mins after, something worked as I am expecting a honeymoon baby! image (although currently feeling very sick :\( )

    Good luck let us know how you get on

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