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New to this.....

Hi ladies

I found this forum extremely useful and supportive when I was planning my wedding and thought I'd return for the same with planning for a baby.

My hubby and I are planning to start TTC in January and I've got a few questions I'm hoping someone can answer? image

How long after stopping your pill, roughly, do you get your AF? Is it safe to continue to take cod liver oil when TTC? (I've heard this is harmful to take during pregnancy)Is it safe to exercise while in the early stages of pregnancy? Obviously I'll ease off a little once I know but theres that change that (fingers crossed) one day I'll be pregnant and not know it yet and do a workout and I don't want my body temp to go too high as I've also heard that's dangerous to the baby. Can you start taking pregnacare or similar before coming off the pill?

So many things to worry about!


  • firstly, don't panic so much, the more relaxed you are the easier you will catch. its different for everyone, my nurse told me it would be around 6 months to get back to normal after stopping the pill, sometimes more sometimes less. you can do moderate exercises just dont over stretch or lift weights really, jogging and cycling and light aerobics is fine. not sure about cod liver oil or taking the pregnacare, i never took any of those, just folic acid.

    good luck anyway image
  • Fairy_DMT - hi image I'm kind of in the same boat as you at the moment. Me and hubby were going to start TTC in January but have now decided we would like to try a bit sooner as I have heard it can take a while for your body to settle down after being on the pill long term. I've been on hormonal contraception for 14 years image

    I currently have 7 pills left in the packet I am taking at the moment. We have decided to stop the pill after the current packet is finished and 'see what happens'.

    I bought some sanatogen mother to be pills yesterday and I am going to start taking then the day after my last pill. Wasn't too sure, like yourself, if you could still take them when on the pill.

    As for the cod liver oil - I would defo stop taking them when TTC as they contain vitamin A which is harmful to baby if you were to become pregnant.

    Exercise is fine in pregnancy as long as it is excerise that your body has been used to. They say to carry on doing the same exercise that you have been - just don't do anything more strenuous when pregnant.

    Which pill are you taking?

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I came off the pill in December and got pregnant in May. You need to take folic acid as minimum when TTC and I would stop taking the cod liver oil as there are several weeks when you don't know you have conceived.

    Exercising is fine, I got so tired I got to the stage I couldn't do much for a few weeks but back to it now.
  • I came off the pill in August last year after being on it for over 10 years to allow my body to get back to normal, even though we weren't planning on TTC straight away. We used other forms of protection until we started trying for a baby in March and we conceived as soon as we stopped using protection. I'd started taking folic acid in March anyway and I just continued to do that. The doctor told me when I went in to confirm the pregnancy that if you already exercise regularly then there is no need to stop, just slow down as soon as you start to feel tired and not to push yourself hard - and not to do any heavy lifting.

    I totally agree with Lincolnsmum - the more you stress out and worry about this, the harder its going to be to conceive! Don't think about it too much, relax and just enjoy it.

    x x x
  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    I don't know anything about this but it came up on the 'latest forums' bit and I just wanted to say good luck to all you ladies TTC!! Making me really broody just thinking about it...

    Sending you all love and baby dust image xx
  • Definitely relax!

    With regards to exercise, just keep doing what you're doing. the rule when you're pregnant is not to take up any NEW exercise and to not overdo it. I still ran for a few weeks into my pregnancy until my boobs got far too painful!!

    I came off my pill and had a regular period immediately. I fell pregnant two months later.

    I didn't take anything before I fell pregnant but as soon as I did I started taking folic acid. I know folk who have been trying take it beforehand but I honestly didn't think about it and when I asked my doc about it, he said it was completely fine as long as I took it once I found out.
  • hello image

    i started taking pregnacare as soon as i found out as i didnt know how long it would take to fall pregnant and didnt want to be takin them for months on end!

    i was on the implant so a bit different was told it would take 3 months for hormone levels to get back to normal 3 weeks later i had a light bleed and then 4 weeks after that i found out i was pregnant so could have been implantation bleed!

    and i agree with what everone else had said regarding the other things image

    Good Luck x
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    I came off the contraceptive pill towards the end of July, after being on it for 12 years. I had my withdrawl bleed 1st-5th August and since then I have not had a period. The Dr did tell me it could take a while to get them back but if it goes on for too long I will have to go back for checks to ensure I can actually ovulate etc.

    I have already started taking folic acid as they advise it is best to start taking it as soon as you TTC.

    I have slightly changed my diet - just ensuring I get enough milk, cheese, eggs, leafy green veg and protein - making a conscious effort, hehe!

    Good luck with everything!x
  • Ahh thank you everyone, I feel much more reassured now and I think it's right what you say, I should relax and not stress about it all image It's nice to know people are in the same boat and have the same worries.

    Did anyone else go to their Dr before coming off the pill? I'm planning to but don't want to waste their time but then again I have been on it a long time so maybe it would be wise. I'm on Cilest btw.

    Wishing you all lots of luck.

  • gemenargemenar Posts: 669
    I'm in similar position, thinking of TTC around christmas, but came off pill last week. Just had my last pill withdrawal bleed, and using condoms til December (so I can plot my cycle and take pregnacare etc).
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    I went to my Dr when I came off the pill and he didn't make me feel like I had wasted his time and he also put it on my file. I did have to see him about another query (I had Lletz surgery 2 years ago so wanted to check how this would effect me) but He gave me some good info about TTC so I think I would have still gone even if I didn't have the other things to ask him!x
  • MrsC81MrsC81 Posts: 201
    Hi Chezza2005, just out of interest what advice did he give you? New to ttc so all advice very welcome x
  • Hi MrsC

    I went to the Dr last week and she was really lovely, she asked how I felt about deciding to come off the pill (hubby and I decided I'd stop taking it at the end of my next pack and not actively try but just 'see what happens') and she just said she was really excited and wished me lots of luck. With regards to the Folic Acid she said to take 400mg from the day I start TTC. I did ask if she knew of a 'baby safe' cod liver oil type for my joints and she recommended taking a multi vitamin especially for pregnant women (i.e. Pregnacare etc)but said I'd be fine with just the folic acid if that's all I wanted to take for now but she said I must start taking it when TTC.

    Hope this helps

    D x
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Hi MrsC,

    My GP just told me to begin taking folic acid and that he wouldn't advise any other 'pregnancy tablets' as theyre not necessary.

    He also said to ensure I am getting enough iron because I am vegetarian so I ensure I eat enough leafy green veg, and this also has folic in! He also said to make sure I have a diet rich in vitamin c and to keep protein levels up by eating fish, eggs, milk etc.

    He advised if I was a smoker to stop (which I'm not) and to limit alcohol to try and increase my fertility.

    Apart from that he told me just to give him a call with dates of my last AF when I get a BFP. Regarding when I do get a BFP I had asked him about exercise and he said you can completely carry on with anything you are used to doing but not to introduce any new exercise and then he told me foods to avoid when pregnant.

    It was all basic stuff but he was really nice about it and gave me the time to ask things.

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