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New to TTC, advice wanted!

Hi Girls,

i'm really new to the whole TTC thing and i'm pretty much the first of my friends to be trying so dont really have anyone to turn to for advice so was hoping you could help. Bit of a long one but need to explain the whole situation.

Me and my husband both work offshore, I work a 2 week on, 2 week off rotation and he works a 2 week on, 3 week off rotation which means we dont see each other a lot and sometimes go 6 weeks without seeing each other at all.

We have only been married for a month, I got my implant removed a few months ago and since we got married we havn't been using contraception. we we're happy just to see what happens but when we realised how little time we were going to see each other we thought it best we get more serious about it which lead me to look into most fertile times etc. I've now realised that if I am a typical 28 day cycle (which I seem to be) and my most fertile time is 14 days before my next period then i'm going to be out at work every month, hundreds of miles away from my hubby!

Ok questions, what are the chances of me getting pregnant outwith this time and is there anyway I can change my cycle??? Has anyone done this successfully?

Any thoughts and advice are much appreciated

Luisa x


  • I'm no expert and sure others with much more knowledge will answer soon....

    But I think ovalating on day 14 is just the average, some women ovalate earlier or later in cycle, you could buy some ovalation tests and see when you actually ovalate.

    Also I think sperm live in the body for a few days, so there is still a chance of them being there when an egg is released even if you don't do it on this day.

    I've not heard of a way to change your cycle (but I'm not saying there's not)

    Hope this has helped a little.
  • PJFyffePJFyffe Posts: 142
    I dont know if it will work but there is a pill you can get from the docs that you can take to delay your period, that may help to change your cycle/when you would be ovulating etc?

    Good luck xxx
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    Thanks for replying girls

    minkymoolou I think i'll definately go and buy some ovulation kits and just double check.

    PJFyffe I had thought about that pill too but wasn't sure if my cycle would just end up going back once i'd stopped taking it. I think I might make an appointment at the family planning clinic when i'm home and see if I can get some advice on whats best to do

    Thanks xx
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Check when actually ovulating and sperm can live up to 7 days in the body so if you can BD any time from day 9 then you still have a chance
  • hlg81hlg81 Posts: 107
    Your GP can prescribe norethisterone to delay your period. You will bleed when you stop taking it, and your cycle will then be reset from the first day of the period. So if you delay your period by 10-14 days you will then reset your cycle so that you always ovulate when you are home. You just need to coordinate with your husband then image

    Good luck xx
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    Thanks hels591 thats good to know.

    Thanks for all the advice girls and good luck to you all

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