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gripey stomach pains...

ok, so im 26+5 today, and spent most of the night awake with gripey stomach pains.

I had a brown discharge yesterday, which i went to the hospital for to get checked out after speaking to them on the phone and stressing myself out. they did an internal exam and tracked the baby's heartbeat and my uterus for about half an hour. they couldn't find anything and i went home pacified that it was just one of those things.

we went to sleep at about 10.45 (after celebrity juice!) and went straight to sleep, only to be woken up repeatedly by these pains. it felt a bit like when you get a tummy upset and REALLY have to go to the toilet and you get a hot flush that comes with it. they don't feel like contractions/braxton hicks as it doesnt feel like its my uterus tightening, more the bits outside/around it. i was up and down for most of the night with these pains (so not really slept much) and i was also getting them this morning but milder. I've been to the toilet without difficulty and 'movements' are soft but not loose - sorry if tmi!

so ive rang the midwife and she's getting back to me, but sitting waiting for the phone to ring is driving me insane.

has anyone else had this? is it just a bit of trapped wind and i'm fretting unnecessarily? could i have picked up a tummy bug and its just a coincidence that i had the discharge yesterday? prior to this i have had no issues at all, and a very easy pregnancy so i may just be flapping about nothing!

x x x

edited to add - baby is moving about just fine, and there were no pains yesterday with the discharge.


  • I had gripey pains around 27 weeks, put them down to Braxton Hicks and never got them checked out. Just mentioned them to my midwife who said thats probably what they were. They lasted on/off for a few days then went away (I was decorating the nursery at the time so maybe thats what caused them).

    I went on to have a healthy girl at 39+6

    Hope everything gets sorted

    Dawn x
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