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Am I over reacting??

Hi Ladies,

I had my little boy last Sunday and the Midwife has been out to see him twice, the first time I didnt really notice but Hubbie mentioned afterwards that she smelt of smoke. Neither of us smoke and Im not very keen on him being around it. But the thing is she turned up yesterday to do his heel prick test and weigh him and she stunk of it. I was sitting on the other end of a corner sofa and could smell it.

Im really angry about it because as a new mum you get force fed soooo many dos and donts any anything and everything including smoking yet she has the front to turn up to mum house and smell of it. I want to make a complaint but Im wondering if anyone thinks Im over thinking things??

Thanks for reading x


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    You are within your rights to make a complaint. There is a lot of research into the affects of smoking and how cigarette smoke clings to clothing, if the midwife is picking up your child then this is more of an issue. If she is travelling around picking up lot's of babies in a day it isn't appropriate that she smells of smoke like this. Once you could let go but twice I think something needs saying, she is at work in a health profession so to smell of smoke like this isn't appropriate
  • Hmm although it is the midwife's chioce whether to smoke or not it is unprofessional to turn up for work smelling of smoke. It couldn't be too pleasent for you little one either. May be worth a mention. If she's fine in every other aspect then maybe you could contact the service (sorry don't know much about midwifes ect) and mention that you would prefer if she didn't smoke before visiting you or maybe try to cover it up more effectively. I'm sure many new mums wouldn't be happy with this either. I know I wouldn't. Good luck and most of all Congtratualtions to you both image xx
  • gemenargemenar Posts: 669
    I'd mention it to her maybe, you never know it could be that she visits a family just before you who are heavy smokers (yuck!). Sadly a lot of healthcare professionals don't do as they should!
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    If it was a family member or a friend would you say something? If you would then I would mention it to the supervising midwife. Or you could send an anonymous letter to the office if you'd prefer not to be named.

    I work in the community (when I'm not on mat leave!) and I ask people not to smoke when I'm in their houses. Controversial yes, it's where they live. But it's where I work and I choose not to be around smoke. Sorry that was off topic.. But I'd definately make it known.
  • She hasnt smoked in your house, around you kids so i dont see why you are bothered! Its her life, her lungs and aslong as she smokes away from you then you dont have a right to say anything!
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Lilymou she may not be smoking in the house but it is fact that the toxins from cigarettes can become embeded in clothes.. Which can then be inhaled by the baby if she is holding it.

    I agree she can smoke 40 back to back in her free time if she so desires but I think it's unprofessional and unhealthy to wear clothes to visit newborn babies that reek of smoke. Our work policy says we cannot smoke in work clothes or uniform and have to either cover up or change of we wish to do so on breaks which I think is fair.

    What would you think if she came in reeking of old alcohol? Would you have different views?
  • I guess its each to their asked if you were over reacting - i think you are a bit yes! But thats just IMO
  • KLC27KLC27 Posts: 580
    No I dont think you are over reacting, its very unprofessional, nurses are not allowed to smoke in thier uniforms, so why should it be any different for midwives? I would definatly say something, when my 1st was born I wouldnt let anyone near hiim who had been smoking it stinks, why would you want that!! x
  • i think you should mention it to her first before saying anything to her bosses - like gemenar says, it could be that the person she visits before you is a heavy smoker.
  • i would say something to be honest. They hark on at antenatal classes about smoking and the fact that you shouldn't wear smoky clothes when dealing with a newborn!
  • I don't think you are overreacting - I told my own brother and best friend not to smoke on the days that they planned to visit my lo and they were absolutely fine with it so i wouldn't hesitate to say it to a midwife or other professional - it's irresponsible to smoke when you are dealing with babies, they have a strong sense of smell when they are newborn and the toxins remain on the clothes which is not healthy for babies.
  • I would enquire as to whether she is aware of the issue. As other ladies have said it may not be her who is smoking but if it was my house and my baby then I would politely ask that she either refrain from smoking before visiting or ask a non-smoking colleague to visit. I'm sure if she turned up to do the checks and you were puffing away she would say something to you!
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