when should i start taking pregnacare?

Hi everyone, new on here and just looking for a bit of advice. Hubby and I have decided to start ttc. Only got 8 pills left so going to start when they're all gone -very exciting! But was wondering when I should start taking a suppliment? Should I start early so vitamins have time to build up or should I start once we actually start ttc? Also when should hubby start taking the wellman suppliments? Know it could take a long time to get pg, but don't want to be caught out if it happens quickly. Thanks ladies x image


  • Hi Ya,

    We are planning on TTC Dec but i read some where to start a few months before so you get the vitamins in your system?? Dont know how true that is but thought id share xx
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    Thanks, that's sort of what I was thinking too. How about everyone else - all you ladies that are further down the line than us. When did you all start? Thanks x
  • I went to see my Dr last week about coming off the pill and she said as soon as you stop taking the pill, start taking these vitamins and as long as you're already taking them when you do fall pregnant you'll be fine.


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    You need to be taking folic acid at minimum when start TTC, my midwife has only told me to take folic acid and vitamin D, not necessarily a multi-vit but I did start taking when I had bad sickness as wasn't convinced my diet was as healthy as it could have been
  • Sorry yes, like cebpickle said, the Dr did say 400mg of folic acid would be absolutely fine and vit d. Just realised my last post sounded like I'd been advised that only the multi vitamins would be good enough! image

    D x
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    Thanks ladies, sounds like it wouldn't hurt to get started. Out of interest did your partners take wellman? Good luck to all ttc x
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    No my hubby didn't take wellman. I came off the pill at Christmas and fell pregnant in May, I only took the folic acid initially as my theory was there would be a few weeks when I was pregnant that I didn't know I was so important I was taking this in advance. We thought with the wellman etc that if after 6 months or so we hadn't fallen pregnant that then hubby would start taking them as his diet etc was healthy, he cut down on alcohol and caffine and didn't smoke. As it was he didn't need to
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    I have just been reading this thread. We are going to be TTC in the next month, should I be taking these? I didn't know anything about them?

    Sorry if this sounds thick! image

  • uHi ladies,

    First of all, good luck with your ttc. Secondly I just wanted to say that I woupd strongly advise you talk to a doctor before taking any pregnancy multi vitamins. The only one you really should be taking is folic acid. Not all vitamins have been tested yet to see what affect they have on pregnant women. For instance it only recently came out that the getting rda of vitamin E can actually be harmful in pregnancy but it is (or was) in the pregnancy multi vitamin.

    I don't mean to scare anyone but have had a bad experience myself. Folic acid and a balanced diet should be enough to begin with but like I said, get your doctors advice first.
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    Hi Ashpo.

    Should you see the doc before taking folics acid?

    Thanks and sorry to hear that you have had a hard time

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    Good luck hun image Doctors advise having one "normal" non pill period before TTc to help with dating, but if you're desperate then maybe not! I'd start on the multi vits now - Asda do any 3 for £10 and Tesco have 3 for 2.
  • No you don't need to talk to a dr before taking folic acid but they can give you a perscription for it so might be worth asking them. I would advise talking it through with them first though if you are thinking of taking anything else. I had two very healthy pregnancies (resulting in 3 gorgeous kiddies) without anything other than folic acid and iron towards the end. However I did take the shop bought prgnancy multi vitamins when we were trying for baby number two and ended up having a miscarriage a few days after my doctor told me that she advises against the multi vitamins as they are researched properly yet.

    I'm not saying don't take them, just get medical advise first.
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    Thanks Ashpo and sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

    Im going to buy some folic acid tomorrow and see how we get on. image

    Good luck to the OP and sorry for crashing your thread!!! image

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    For me I bought the folic acid as was cheaper than a prescription would have been, I took Boots own. Folic acid is shown to help to prevent spina bifida and this can develop very early which is why needed early on
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    Thanks for all the advice everyone. Maybe it would be best to check with the doctor, but can definitely see the logic in starting early. Good luck to all ttc x
  • I went to see my GP before coming off the pill and was told to allow one proper period before ttc to make sure all the pill is completely out of your system first, he also adviced taking folic acide or a multi vit that contains folic acid. I took sanatagen mother to be for 30 days whilst ttc and then switched to pregnacare as it was cheaper from the website, my midwife said it's great that I'm taking pregnacare.

    My advice would be have a month or two off the pill until you get a proper period then start ttc, you could start taking a pregnancy vit now image
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    Seems like all the medical prof's have a different opinion image When I went to see the nurse to get my last set of pills 6 months ago I said we were thinking of ttc when they were all gone. She didn't mention anything about letting it get out of my system first. In fact she didn't really say anything at all other than her daughter was expecting! Maybe I would get a better response from the doctor image

    Thanks for all the advice ladies. Good luck to all ttc x
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    It isn't so much that the pill is out of your system than it is easier to predict a due date if you have a period with which to date it back to.
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