Being induced at 42 weeks - what to expect?

Im being induced next week at 42 weeks and this is my first pregnancy.

Im not really sure what to expect? Can anyone give any stories info?


  • Hi there

    I was induced two weeks ago when my waters went but didn't go into labour. Having planned a home birth I was very apprehensive about induction, after reading lots of less-than-positive stories about the intensity and pain of them.

    I was already dilated 2cm and favourable so didn't need the pessary to 'ripen' the cervix and went straight onto the hormone drip - the part I most feared. It was actually okay though. Everyone's experience is different - and I was evidently very ready for labour - but I was in established labour after a couple of hours, had 2.5hrs of regular contractions and then 2.5hrs of pushing image The pain was obviously pretty intense, but I managed with no pain relief (just TENS at the start but it annoyed me after a while) and it certainly wasn't the epidural-nightmare I was expecting.

    Hope your labour goes well - gotta rush as my little man is crying for a feed! Good luck image
  • Hi

    i was induced at 39 weeks due to cholestasis.

    I was given a pessary on the monday night and was told they would wake me at 6am to go on the monitor and for another pessary if things had not already started. At 5am i started feeling contractions so didn't need another pessary and was just left in the room to get on with it really. My waters broke around 10 am. No gush i just heard a pop, so did hubby lol! had a bath (which didn't really help) and paracetomol for the pain. Around 2pm blood pressure went high, i was around 3cm dilated so they gave me gas and air to help with the pain and in turn bring bp down. Around 5pm and 5cm was taken to delivery suite and they recommended i had a epidural as the pain was sending my bp through the roof! epidural didn't help bring my bp down just stopped the contractions lol so was put on a drip but baby didn't like it and heart rate kept dropping! they threatened a c section but realised i was fully dilated so after 3 pushes, episiotomy and ventose baby was born at 5am!

    Sorry for the long story! Every one is different though how their body reacts to the induction. My contractions were coming every minute and i found it hard to keep on top of the pain as i didn't get any inbetween time to recover. They do say that being induced can make labour more intense and painful but as it was my 1st i don't know any different so would be interesting if i went into labour natually with my next baby to compare!

    Another thing i found was that coz i was induced i had to be on the monitor all the time and before i got the epidural i was more comfortable and coped with the pain more standing up but i had to stay on the bed for long periods of time being monitored which was agony as had a lot of pain in my back.

    this probably isn't much help but thought id share my experience of induction!
  • Hello,

    I got induced at 41 weeks with my little boy and I was soooo nervous!! I had pre-eclampsia and went in at 9am to have my checks done and was told then and there that I would have to be induced that afternoon. I was shocked but ready to have baby lol!! I was huge!!

    We went away and had lunch and returned to the hospital and I got settled into my room image it took 4 attempts to put the needle in the back of my hand by 3 different doctors as I had to have the big needle invade I needed fluids pumped into me ASAP!! It was soooo painful but they gave up and put it into my arm instead image

    At 2pm I was given the gel and the inducement began! I got monitored for the first half and hour and was told inducement can be a long process so I will have another lot of gel inserted in 6 hours time then every 6 hours after that as it usually didn't work first lot of gel!!

    So after I had been monitored I got out and walked about in the day room and got the TENS machine attached to me, strange feeling but I had a little fun with it before I actually needed it!!! Within half an hour of walking about I started feeling period pains then gradually it got a little stronger and stronger!! I had my tea in my room while my partner went down to the canteen for his tea but I couldn't sit or bounce about on my ball!! I buzzed the midwife through and she sat and felt my bump with a few contractions ............ They are irregular she says, not strong enough!!! Not strong enough?????!!! I thought she had to be bloody joking!!! Half an hour later at 5.50 enough was enough my partner came back and I was in agony!! TENS machine was no use!! I said to my partner to buzz the midwife as I needed something more!! She came through as I was ripping of the TENS machine telling them to get it off me lol!! She checked me to see how far dilated I was and I was 8cm!!! Labour room here we come!! Slow process inducement is ....... My arse!! Lol!!

    Gas and air was great I was going to have my baby within the hour!! How very wrong the midwives were!!! Every time I pushed nothing happened, the doctor examined me and there was abit of cervix that hadn't come away so I had to stop pushing image how hard that was!!!!

    Hours later and the bit of cervix still remained image the doctor had to push it to the side while I pushed, was the only thing that would work to get baby out vaginaly!! It was absolut agony as I couldn't lie on my back as the pain was horrendous in my back which made it worse with the examining!!!! I kept screaming at the doctor!!

    They then decided to stick me in the shower in full blown labour!! Pointless!!! It was stupid, I had no gas and air and was nearly pulling my partner in the shower with each contraction lol!! I'd had enough and wanted out after 5 mins and tried making a run for it, naked back to the room to get the gas and air but the midwife caught me and the nightie had to go back on lol!! I was shattered and couldn't get a break between contractions image

    Eventually at exactly 3am my gorgeous little boy, Tiylor was born with me standing up on the floor!! He was 8lb 10 and perfect image I was stitched back up and put back to my room with Tiylor, my partner and mum image she was there too while I gave birth!

    I had a good labour and birth except the cervix problem but it's not as bad as everyone makes out but I suppose it depends how you handle pain.

    Hope you're inducement goes well and you're not in labour for too long, good luck hun!! Xx
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