Best bottles for mixed breast/bottle feeding

Hi all,

Our first baby is due in a few weeks and I am keen to make sure the baby is exclusively fed breast milk but would also like to introduce one bottle of expressed breast milk a day so that he is used to taking milk from a bottle right from the start to avoid transition problems later on (also lets daddy give one feed a day which he is keen to do).

Any of you experienced mums tried this and have any advice about which bottles mimic breastfeeding most closely so that the baby isn't too confused by moving between the two?

I'm looking at buying the pump and bottles etc this weekend but the choice is a little dazzling to be honest!

Thanks x


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    Not there myself yet but Tommee Tippee do one that is meant to be shaped to be the best for both feeding
  • Hi, there was a thread about this recently:

    Hope this works! x
  • Thanks for your help ladies!! x
  • Hi, I asked this recently (thread above) as I had to express from 1 breast due to a very cracked nipple. I found that the Dr Brown was best for my son. We had tommy tippee bottles but he wouldn't take to that one.

    You may have to wait at least a week prior to expressing just to let your milk come in and to establish a good flow, don't think you would be able to express much of the colostrum that first comes in.

    In terms of pump, I opted for the avent electronic pump which is fantastic and comfortable - I can express up to 7ozs in one session even though I now only express occasionally (i.e. long car journeys as lo prefers the breast). x
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