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Just got BFP and hubby away on business...

Should I tell him over the phone or do I wait until he is back on Thursday night!!!?? image


  • If you can wait, I would as it'll be so exciting to see his face image

    Congratulations!!!!!! image
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Congratulations image

    I agree, if you can wait then tell him face to face, but im sure he'd be thrilled either way.

    - Or, you can do a video call if your phone has the capability or via skype if you both have computers with webcam? xxx
  • Whats BFP?
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    BFP is positive pregnancy test

    Congrats, if you can wait then do, or via webcam. Seeing his face when tell him will make it all the more special
  • Sorry ladies... He called just called as I was replying... I couldn't hold it in and told him! We've been talking about it since!... Thanks for your advice though!

  • Awwwww. image

    I bet he was really happy image

    I don't under stand how BFP can stand for positive pregnancy test though :S the letters don't go.
  • Big Fat Positive

    x x x

    oh and congrats hun!
  • oooooo, ok, i get it image

  • Congratulationsm H&H 9 months image
  • Congratulations!!

    I told DH on the phone too, as he was away at the time. Wasn't going to see him for two weeks, so there was no way I could talk every day and hold it in. Plus, he knew testing day so he wouldve asked anyway. Only problem was that it was a bad connection - I told him that he was going to be a Dad and the phone went dead - ha ha, not the reaction I was hoping for! He phoned back seconds later and was just as thrilled as me!
  • Congrats!! image
  • I told the hubby via text message. He was away fishing at the time, and it was just a spur of the moment test. I rang him twice with no answer so sent him a picture message of the test. He rang me within seconds of me sending the text... lol

    I do wish I'd have waited for him to be home though so I could have seen his face. It was a huge shock for us both at the time.

    x x x
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